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Model X Deals

Tesla doesn't have dealerships. generally speaking, the price for any new Tesla is the same regardless.

if you're talking about inventory vehicles, any Tesla advisor can lookup inventory vehicles across the country, so it doesn't matter where you go. The discounts are applied based on a set formula so one location isn't gonna "discount" a car more than another.
While any advisor potentially _could_ look up vehicles, you may have to shop around to find one willing to. The one I initially did a test drive with kept insisting there were zero inventory vehicles available even when I sent her links to ones I found on line. Ultimately I went with someone not local to me who got me a P100D lease for less than I was looking to spend on a 100D, it was within a few hours of me, and I had it in hand within 48 hours. But since they won't ship them across state lines anymore, you might have to drive or ship it yourself if he finds one further away.
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View media item 118250For demo car, Tesla offer small discount compared to brand new and also need to wait for the release
Seems brand new better
My Taiwan friend had test drive and the salesman send him this offer of demo car (refer to photo)
around 8% discount only

Both demo and brand new can use referral code for 500USD (Only the first ONE referral after 1 Feb) + unlimited supercharger
I PMed you the referral code if needed
Mine is still have 500USD tesla credit


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You might have to wait until "near an end-of-quarter" to see prices go down. Just dont tell anyone the price if it does go down. Also if there is a major change pending (model S interior refresh) then the inventory items might go on sale beforehand too.