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Model X: Delivery Frustrations

Starting a new thread as I originally posted in the Raven thread about my experience thus far.

Here is my story.

I have been waiting for weeks but my order process has been somewhat.... complicated. Here is the full recap.

TLDR: My experience with Telsa thus far has been abysmal at best.

• Ordered a new Pearl White, LR, 6 seat white interior on 7/22 via the mobile site and immediately received a call from a Santa Monica SA. So far so good!
• The SA told me to expect delivery within 5-10 days. After the 13th day, I reached out to get an ETA but my email went without a response. Another email the following day, followed by a voicemail without a callback. All the while, I could see (my email client has this feature) emails were being read just not getting a response. By day 15, frustration was peaking ... JUST GIVE ME A HEADS UP! If it's going to be 3,4, 5 weeks, just tell me. I know a lot of this is out of the hands of SAs but at least communicate.
• After not hearing I went down to the store to confront the SA and get some insight. He had no answers.
• 2 days later I get the text to pick up the car.
• I curbed all previous frustration as I went to pick up the car; excited as a child on Christmas!
• Delivery Center felt more like a pop-up Halloween store at the mall than a "high-end delivery center"
• Sign here, initial here, the car is out front ...
• Walked outside and BAM!
• Cosmetic issue after cosmetic issue, paint, panels, trim, AND A BIG OL DENT in the bumper! (hard to see with the lighting but it was LARGE)
• "We can fix this, not a big deal, this is an outlier, this never happens, etc etc"
• That is what really set me off. That is like me going up to the delivery managers car, hitting it with a bat and telling him/her "don't worry about it, I got a guy who will fix this for free" This is supposed to be a brand new car, dents aren't acceptable.
• I refused the delivery and went inside to talk with the delivery manager. He assured me this never happened, that my case was one in a million and that they would deliver a brand new car. I then showed him similar issues with the other pearl white in the lot, ready for delivery. ohh


• While inside, he starts asking if I would be interested in a different combo. Red with tan? White with 5 seats? ...
"Uhhhhh, no" to which he asked "What about your same configuration but with the black 22" wheels," I told him, "sure but I am not paying extra" ... to which he said, "no no, as a token of good faith for this unfortunate situation" - Great! Done. They gave me a loaner and sent me on my way
• Hopped in the 60F 2016 X that drove like a tank and was on my way. Now, prior to this, the only time I had driven an MX was a quick test drive months prior. This drove quite differently. No worries
• The next day, I get a call from the SA saying they can't make good on their offer. No upgrade. Fine, just order a car with no issues ... "sorry, sorry, we will have the brand new vehicle in the next few days"
• A few days later I get an alert for pickup, go to get it ANNNNNNDDDD. SAME VIN!
• WTF!
• Tesla said it was an error with the sorting algorithm and that they would have a new one soon
• Head back home
• A week goes by, no word
• Another week goes by, nada
• Take my wife, 4-year-old and 2 dogs to Santa Barbara in the rental, head back to the car and it won't open, the key doesn't work. Call service, spend 2 hrs on the phone, nothing. Nothing they can do but flatbed the car to a service center. The battery on both the key and car were fine. They said because it's a loaner, they cant tie an account to it and therefore cant remote unlock and start. It's Sunday and nothing is open, so we would have to flatbed the truck and then try to get home (2hrs away) and we can't get the car seat out of the car. 3 hrs later, the manager of the Santa Monica store (the only silver lining throughout this ordeal) gets back to me and finds an engineer to get the car unlocked and started! THANK GOD! I still to this day have no idea how I would have gotten us all home.
• Swap out the 2016 60D for a 2016 90D and it's SO MUCH nicer!
• 2 weeks later and still no car, still waiting. Changed to black on black to expedite.

Still waiting but at least they gave me the loaner in the interim (sold my car prior to ordering the initial X)

This whole experience has been akin to renting a car at a Budget Rental car. This isn't high touch, this isn't QC'ed, this is nowhere near what a 100K+ car buying experience should be like. It sucks because while I am still excited to finally get the car I have doubts ...


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And then today ... and the dent photo.

So just now, I go to get in the 2nd loaner and open the driver side door to put my bags in the car for work, close the door and then go to put my daughter in her car seat. Can't open the door, nothing works. House keys, computer, etc are locked in the vehicle. Called roadside and they said they would need to tow it out that they can't wake the car.


If God forbid this did happen, I would have had something hard enough to smash the window but what if I were somewhere remote?


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Welcome to Tesla the lottery. You lost lol.

I completely believe you, my first Tesla buying experience was about the same with a few nuances back in 2016.

Left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. Customer service is abysmal. Having said that, my second model X is 2018 performance and I would be very sad To exchange it for another vehicle. There’s really no vehicle out there currently that suits my needs as well as model X. I see you have two kids, Model X will be a great family car. I try to avoid going to the service center as much as I can. I really really hope they saw their stuff out soon.
This is downright scarey. I ordered MX LR FSD white / cream, three weeks ago. Now thinking about cancelling even before getting a VIN. To be expected to drive a 90k car off the lot in that condition is totally absurd. I've never had a great experience with dealers anyway, but that was with cars costing 1/4 - 1/3 of MX.
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This is downright scarey. I ordered MX LR FSD white / cream, three weeks ago. Now thinking about cancelling even before getting a VIN. To be expected to drive a 90k car off the lot in that condition is totally absurd. I've never had a great experience with dealers anyway, but that was with cars costing 1/4 - 1/3 of MX.
If you dont like the dealers you currently work with on your luxury vehicle you better cancel your order now.
You literally have no idea what your in for. Wait till you bring in your 100k car for service and you get to enjoy uber credits as a form of transportation. No car washes and terrible communication. I suggest you call your local service center (if you can get thru) and see when the next appt is for a simple repair. Good luck
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The original poster made the right decision by not excepting delivery. You may get a car that’s completely pristine or it might be completely jacked like the original posters. Hence Tesla lottery. One way to try to mitigate that, is to get a inventory car. Not only to get a discount, but supposedly they have been already checked for major things. Like I said, when they come off the assembly line you just never know. Good luck.
Second loaner was just towed and currently in an Uber to pick up my third. sigh

Outside the abysmal quality control and high touch, the real issue is this ... NOBODY at this company has the authority or autonomy to do a thing.

I called roadside and explained my situation and the “what if’s” and NOBODY had a clue what they would have done; nor did the SA’s i finally got in touch with.

To me, Tesla seems like a sinking ship without anyone to take control.
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This isn't high touch, this isn't QC'ed, this is nowhere near what a 100K+ car buying experience should be like. It sucks because while I am still excited to finally get the car I have doubts ..
Well that is why competition is a great driver.
I hear Porsche has a new EV coming... I am sure they will QC it for the extra 85k.
Its because they have very few if any automobile employees working there. Its run by a bunch of young kids straight out of autoshop class and the service manager used to work for apple. They have no idea what it truly takes to run a "dealership". Until Tesla gets there stuff together and finally figures out the most important thing is customer experience after the sale, not the actual sale. The cars sell themselves which is why you can just buy one online. Actually getting a good one is another story.
Sorry to hear about this. I'm in total agreement with you, as my own experience has been a let down.

I purchased an inventory X earlier this year. Lots of quality issues from body alignment issues - hood, front bumper cover, rear bumper cover, and falcon doors. Other issues I had were USB ports being unplugged, squealing brakes, dented hood, and windshield wipers overextending. This was a brand new X too.

I'm still in the process of getting them to fix it some issues - Going on the third time to fix the hood and front bumper cover.
Agreed. That is why it is hard to move on.

Honestly, if the new RS6 avant was available today, I would say peace and grab that. However, I am just not sure what else to go with (2 large dogs and a 4 year old).

Possibly the Panamera gran turismo or e63 AMG wagon. However, I was hoping that the EV would work out
If you have 2 large dogs, you are going to have a hard time finding something with comparable space in the way back.

With the top covers removed, it is a huge and deep space. My dogs have found a very comfortable place to travel around. The super comfy Raven adaptable suspension gives them a quiet ride. No exhaust fumes as well.