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Model X elongation idea

1. I can’t wait for Model X to be on the roads. I’ll love to see them.
2. I counted 13 Model S’s on my commute home last night.
3. I am rewatching the launch video. I think one of the ways Tesla could offer a vehicle which is less squished inside is to elongate the car a lot; from the ground up, make a longer battery pack with more capacity through no strange means other than higher quantity and requisite higher capacity designs; have the FWD* open up in such a manner that you can directly step into both 2nd and 3rd rows without having to move seats around; and it would allow more legroom for the 2nd and 3rd rows; you could put slightly more headroom as well depending on wind tunnel results; there is a possibility that this configuration would allow more room for storage scenereos, such as behind 3rd row, behind 2nd row when 3rd row is down, behind 1st row when both 2nd and 3rd rows are down; and between 1st and 3rd rows when 2nd row is down.

In my last scenario, there should be safety cages to keep cargo strapped down and also cages to keep flying cargo from going into the passenger occupied zones.

There would be more room to design in crumple zones to protect 3rd row as well as 2nd row passengers.

It would be a harder vehicle to turn and park, so this should come out after autopilot is mature, but they could start doing design and testing on the longer model now; I don’t imagine it would be highly different, and could roll off the line pretty easily even now, unless there’s length restrictions in their factory that precludes this.

It would be much heavier, so probably would trigger a few weight issues. It might even require a sturdier construction that would put it into the light truck class a bit, and possibly raise its towing capacity a bit. Would anybody be interested in this type of elongation if all or only a few of those outcomes happened, keeping in mind it would stop slower or need more expensive breaking, start slower and need more energy to do so, and would be harder to turn, much harder to park, and wouldn't fit in a lot of parking spaces, including garages? Of course, if there was an option for the bigger roof, frunk, sides, FWDs, and so on to be covered with solar panels, selecting that option and parking it outside may or may not make sense; that few extra miles of range might be enough to give it a credible range boost for most your needs as long as you have real backups. I say you because the current one is outside my financial range today.

* FWD = Falcon Wing Doors, the ones that open up like wings, on the original released Model X.
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