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Model X hacked??

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My wife has been driving my Model X this week while her car was in the shop. On Wednesday while she was driving home with the kids, the car started changing music stations, turning the A/C on & off, turning heated seats on & off and honked the horn.

Since I was at home at the time, the kids thought I was using the App to play a joke on them...but obviously not. As soon as they got home I did a reboot of both screens to be safe.

I do not use any public WiFi - only home and work that are PW protected.

The X has AP2 running 2018.12 firmware.

Any thoughts?
Wifi isn't the point, your MyTesla password (and token) is. If you don't use any software to monitor the car (TeslaFi, etc.) that creates a token, I'd reset your password on tesla.com and then sign into the app again.

If that doesn't do it, the 3 has had a run of 'ghost touches' on its touchscreen, the same could be happening to your MCU touchscreen. Hm, the horn is a hard one, that would be from the app or something deeper going on!
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Off topic, but a cop walked up to me while running the dog, with FWD open at a park. He wanted to make sure it was my car and everything OK.

He said an MX was recently gun-point-car-jacked at Stoneridge mall in Pleasanton, and later abandoned in a park. The owner did not know how to use the Tesla APP, but eventually they got the location and recovered the car. Of course I showed him all kinds of stuff we can do from the APP and fob, but my point is: BE AWARE of bad guys.........
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The music changes aren't doable from the app, AFAIK. You do want to make sure your password is a secure one (and after this odd experience, I'd probably change it, to be safe,) but I'm more leaning towards a bizarre glitch than anything else.