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Model X June 2016 90D AP1 for Sale in Denver

For sale, 2016 Model X 90D with 20XXX miles. Original owner. Originally wanted 5 seater, but changed mind to 6 seater and could not have been happier with choice. Last kid off to college and ready to downsize to Model S, preferably AP2.
My specs from window sticker:
Model X 90 D $95,500
Dual Motor All Wheel Drive
Pearl White Multi-Coat $1500
20" Silver Wheels
Tan Leather Seats $2500
Obeche Wood Gloss $ 750
Light Headline
Six Seat Interior $3000
Supercharger Enabled
Autopilot $2500
Smart Air Suspension
SubZero Weather Package $1000
Subtotal $106,750
Destination/Document Fee $1200
Total $107,950
This car is AP1, and has never given me any problems. I have not taken her in for any service, as no issues to speak of. I saw no fit/finish issues when I took her home July 21, 2016. As my avatar shows on left, I was keen on fit/finish when I was looking to buy, and happily content with my X. Never hit any curbs with wheels, even with auto park, so no wheel rash. Typically used as 12 mile drive to and from work daily and mountain drives on random winter weekends in Colorado.
Non-smoker. What else can I add? You'll love this car as it is what you know it should be. Steady. No battery degradation. At 90% charge I see 225 miles of range, and full trip its at 249 miles. The beauty of this car is that it is 2016 build, so SUPERCHARGER IS FREE FOR LIFE OF CAR AND TRANSFERS TO ANY OWNER.
VIN is 11100. Glad I was not in first 7000 VINS...

Current KBB value for private seller Model X 90D in very good condition is between $81,000 and $87,000 2016 Tesla Model X 90D Sport Utility 4D Trade In Values | Kelley Blue Book
So let me offer mine for $82,000. Interested parties feel free to PM me.
"No Personal Checks" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Clearly not...Was not interested after reading disappointments by those who got it before me. The stereo upgrade was not ready for prime time either. FLAC USB stick and my ear could not tell much difference between upgraded stereo and plain vanilla stereo. Too much loud Steely Dan and Pat Metheny and Pink Floyd as a teen...