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Model X Key Fob Battery Issue

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Hi All,
Just took delivery of a 2018 Model X 75D. We were given two key fobs. One was dead and the other had a low battery. The Fremont delivery center where I picked it up did not have any more Model X compatible batteries.

I transferred the low battery into the other key fob just to check that it was paired to the car and working. Thankfully it was. They told me that I should go to the Dublin service center to pick up new batteries.

This morning I picked up the batteries (the guys at the service center couldn’t have been nicer) but didn’t have a screw driver in the car to test the new batteries. When I got home I added the new batteries. Now both fobs function, but the car says that both fobs are low on battery.

I looked online for a YouTube video to see if I did something wrong (I mean how hard could inserting a battery be). The video had a tip to make sure that if the battery had a cover on that I should take it off. I took out both batteries and neither had a cover, so that’s not the issue.

Not sure what’s going on. Do I have another set of bad batteries? I find that hard to believe. I am more inclined to think there must be some little trick I am missing. Thanks for any help/advice.
There have been issues when you change batteries away from the ca, the fobs become unpaired. (Search for threads or look for my posts... :D)

But since they work at all, this has to be old batteries. I bought a batch from Amazon to have on hand, making sure it was the correct different ones for the X, of course. As I said, once I changed one fob away from the car and had to have the Service Center ‘reset the gateway’ (re-pair; I assume). Another time I did it in the car and it works fine. Another Tesla insanity where this small thing can mess it up.
I’ve replaced my fob batteries many times over the past 3 years (those fobs really go through them quick!). I keep a supply of replacement batteries in my apartment at all times. All the replacements have been away from the X. Never had any issues - didn’t have to “pair” the fobs or contact the SC. I just go downstairs with a fresh battery in the fob & everything is golden.
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The batteries may be low even if that clears the warning. Last year, at an annual service, they had both fobs and were supposed to replace both batteries, but a month later, one fob died (warranty issue) and the other wouldn't work because the battery in it was dead. I was able to swap batteries and function until I got them replaced again, but I either read online or was told at the service center that the batteries are sometimes packaged (or stored) in such a poor manner that they can drain themselves (each other) during shipment/storage.