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Model X: Lost all visuals and AP

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Since getting the Model X, I have had many issues. Custom order - have had it for only 2 months. The issue I am most upset about is losing all visuals on the dash, I do however still see the blind spots/get the blind spot assist. I am not able to get the navigation lines or other cars to appear. AP and cruise control don’t work either. I have taken out the USB, turned off sentry mode and did several soft and hard reboots. Nothing seems to be working as I’ve read all posts on here regarding this issue. Every time I try to call customer service it is about a 30min wait time. I have the version 9 updated also. If anyone else is having this issue, any info would help!


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I've seen similar behavior when the auto pilot computer crashes. It's only happened to me twice in the nearly two years I've had mine though. I suspect your computer is defective or not fully seated and should be completely covered under warranty at your service visit.
turn off sentry mode
go into car settings -> service
choose "power off" -> all screen go dark
wait 3 minutes (time it).
press the brakes.

Functionality should return. But if it often repeats somethign is wrong with your autopilot unit and it crashes often, so Service would stil need to look at it, but you at least have a way to restore it until the next time.
Just an update - they had to replace the autopilot module. When I was driving home from service the sensors from blind spot assist was beeping while I was close to a median or if a bus or semi passed me. The center console also went black while driving.. I drove back immediately - master techs said they will be replacing the MCU. My Model X was in service for 6 business days and they gave me Uber voucher's. This second time around they gave me a loaner. :(