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Model X pricing


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Feb 13, 2014
North Bay, CA
Elon Musk stated that Model X would cost 5k more than a similarly optioned Model S. The Model S 70D starts at 75k, so expect Model X to eventually start at around 80k.

Bolding mine. It appears likely that the 70D equivalent will not be offered when configuration opens for production reservation holders. Therefore, one should look at a higher spec MS for comparison.
I read somewhere that the model x was going to start at 132,000 with the performance model starting at 142,000. This is without options? Is it that much?
Not published yet but the answer is definitely *NO*. The $132K price is for a Signature Series Model X which is a P90D with almost all of the options (but not Ludicrous speed). Ludicrous speed adds $10K so that would bring it up to $142K for a Signature Series Model X with Ludicrous speed.

Musk has said repeatedly that the Model X would be no more than $5K over a comparably equipped Model S. That means the Model X 90D should start at about $93K to $96K (ballpark). A P90D should start at around $113K to $115K. These are still estimates as the official price of the regular production Model X has not been unveiled yet.

In a Tweet on October 2 (now deleted), Musk said there would be a lower cost entry level Model X, with a lower capacity battery pack in the latter part of 2016. Expected price of that is somewhere around $75K to $80K. It is likely that the pack capacity will be great than the 70kWh entry level Model S. Many are speculating that it will be a 75kWh or 80kWh version. It was in response to a question about a 70kWh Model X and the exact text of the tweet was "something like a 70, but probably around 12 months from now."

Some of the lucky folks who got 10 or more Model S referrals during the referral program (phase 1) will be able to order and configure their Founders Series Model X cars soon (within the next couple of weeks, hopefully). They will be ordering a Founders Series fully loaded Model X at the base price for a P90D performance model. So we're expecting this to be in the $113K to $115K range. When they get access to the design studio (as the Sigs did in September), they will probably share screen caps and pricing details.

Hope that helps!
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Are they supposed to be hydraulic or electric steering?
AFAIK, all Teslas use electronic power steering. Hell, my 2006 Highlander Hybrid uses electronic power steering so it's not exactly new technology. Don't see why they would change that now.

There was some speculation that the Falcon Wing Doors were switched from hydraulic to electronic operation during the development stage.
On the Q3 earnings call, Elon Musk reiterated twice that it "will be no more than $5,000" more than a similarly equipped Model S. Who knows, maybe the spread is smaller than $5,000 but I tend to doubt it. Also, on one of his comments about pricing, he said comparison should be against a Model S will similar seats. Therefore, I believe you need to add the $3,000 upgrade to add two seats in the trunk of the Model S. Someone in this forum also questioned whether the comparable Model S options the panoramic roof upgrade of $1,500 since the Model X has the large windshield. This seems like a stretch to me. I say base cost of $96,000 for the initial battery pack option of 90kWh. $85,000 for 85kWh Model S + $3,000 range upgrade to 90 + $3,000 for rear facing seat option + $5,000 Model X increase cost = $96,000.
I priced out a model S 85D with options at $101,500 before incentives. So if a model X 90D will be $106,500 then its better to wait. But I heard they are one year out from taking configurations online.
Actually, in hindsight, it looks like it was more like "two days out." :) The first 1500 (or so) folks who put down deposits to order a regular production Model X have been invited to configure their cars now. Others are being invited based on date of order. I was pretty close on the pricing estimates. A base model 90D is $95,500 (5-seat configuration, with air suspension included). A P90D model starts at $115,500 (insane mode, larger motor, air suspension, active spoiler, red calipers).

You can actually order a 70D Model X for $80K but it says deliveries for that will start in mid to late 2016. I'm betting that by the time they actually start building those, they will have a larger battery (maybe 75 kWh), but I could be mistaken. We shall see. The post ahead of mine has a link to the thread with all the production model pricing revealed in screen shots.

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