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Just returned from a road trip from Corona, CA to Zion National Park (Springdale, UT). Used a Curt hitch rack to carry all of my suitcases and a cooler. My family of five riding on 22" Turbines averaged 363Wh/mi. I estimate that I had 120lbs on the hitch rack, had a Modern Spare sitting in the rear trunk floor, some misc cargo of about 40lbs or so and a total of 565lbs total for the passengers combined, I don't think the Wh/mi was too bad.

If you haven't been to Zion, it's a MUST visit. Amazing place.


If only the frunk was 30" and round, lol

I do wonder if a deflated modern spare would fit in the frunk, but probably not. I think it's only about 22" in that critical front-back dimension. Deflated is how a lot of cars carry their donut spares, including our merc.
Well, we did the trip to Springdale, right outside of Zion National Park, from the SF Bay Area with my 2018 July Model X 100D, and girlfriend and her dog and a packed car. We started with about 99% SOC and used A Better Route Planner… at least for a while. We charged at Harris Ranch and Bakersfield a little longer than we needed and then made the run to Mojave. That was a mistake. Mojave is 3 miles off Interstate 15 in a sleepy and rundown shopping center, there are 6 chargers there and 4 cars were ahead of us, waiting to charge. It was going to take a long time…. So we had about 46 kw SOC, so we took a chance and ran to Barstow, about 70 miles away, leaving us with about 20 miles buffer. I drove carefully as well as I could and we got into the 40 stall charger with 18% charge left! Sigh of Relief!

After charging up to about 88% we took off again, charged at Baker, totally off the flight plan, and stopped at the Mad Greek Cafe! (Just down the street, great Gyros! Recommended!) then off to Primm, (it was so cold there!), skipped Los Vegas and went on to Mesquite, for the final charge. Walked the dog, went into the nearby casino for bathrooms (smoky inside but lots of masks required!), overcharged and made the run to Sundale (bypassing St George superchargers) and with careful driving, made it with 49% to spare!

Our garage charging did not work out ( we brought the wrong adaptor plugs) so we resigned to charging at the 120 volt speed of 1 kW an hour. We are spending a week here and so we have plenty of time to recharge before the trip back home.

Stay tuned, will upload pictures if we can. Rainy weather here, but beautiful sunlit mountains, rainbows, and snow expected tomorrow!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Mike P
We love the X for all of the storage from the frunk to the rear underneath storage. We have a 6 seater, and depending on where we are going we always seem to have plenty of space. We offload the things we need around home such as shopping bags, but keep some cleaning supplies, charge cables, jack pucks, and more in the frunk, suitcases in the down under storage in the back and other things behind the third row. Many times we carry other items if we are passing by one of our daughters and need to drop things off or if we are transporting things between Florida and MA. Then we fold down the third row. We also always have room for a cooler between the two captains chairs. Of course we are only 2 traveling. When we travel with 4 we just fold down the third row and as


stated we pack lighter.
Did you have any issues with the length of the cable connecting to a Super Charger when you have to reverse in to charge?
That’s an interesting question. I haven’t gone on >200 mile road trips with this cargo carrier/haven’t had to Supercharge.

That being said, recall it can only carry a hundred pounds on the Tesla hitch so it’s very easy to simply take it off (like literally a moment) and set it aside if need be.

There are quite a few superchargers where you can drive in (like at the end of a row) or through (like in the middle of a parking lot) so there’s that, too.
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