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Model X Seat Base

I have noticed an annoying rattling noise for a while now, coming from somewhere in the back seats. I have a 6 seater and was thinking that it has something to do with the seats and when I took a closer look I noticed the chrome piece at the base of the seat is undone! None of the others are like this, and I am sure it's an easy fix by clipping it back in. I can't seem to make it go back in and don't want to keep pushing on it and break something. Will attach a picture to clarify what I am talking about, any advice on getting it put back together would be appreciated!


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Hey Joey, I found this (unrelated) video with steps on removing the second row seats. If you go to the 8 second mark you'll see the instructions. Look at step 5.

You might be better off taking your car to the SC. Maybe that's something they can fix quickly while you wait.
Thank you, I will most likely take it into a SC soon. I have various other issues too; creaking suspension sound from the front left (saw another thread of someone having the same issue), and the backseat cup holders don't pop out like they're supposed to!