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Model X Seat Front Plastic - Catching it When Getting Out of the Car

There's a piece of plastic piece at the bottom of the Model X seats.

I find my foot kicking against this, and pulling on it every time I get out of the car.

It's really annoying, and I know one day, this piece is going to crack or break off.

This is a poorly designed "thing", whatever it's supposed to be.... And why is it there?

Tesla Model X Seat Plastic.jpg
Accidentally pulled mine loose the first day I had my X. Just had it re-attached at SC when I brought the car in for another problem... My first day after getting my car back I pulled it loose again with my foot... I give up.. horrible design..
I don't believe it has anything to do w/ the seat position.. as it follows your seat forward or back..

It was to do w/ how you get out of the car.. whether you slide your legs/feet closer to the seat.. or away..

Overall.... (bad, annoying) design flaw...
I've had my pants catch on the plastic piece several times. I've now broken it twice. First time they replaced it for free. Second time they charged me $4. I'm impressed anything on this car costs that little.

Agreed, terrible design. Good thing I love the car overall.
I perform the 90º butt-swivel that I'd perfected in the Model S in order to exit the Model X. The legs then follow that arc.
Perhaps that's why I never have noticed this design flaw.

But I think I'll institute the Ohmman Variant in order to snag any unauthorized front seat warmers. That'll teach 'em!