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Model x - Tire Pressure System Needs Service

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New Member
Apr 16, 2018
Over two weeks ago, I purchased my Tesla Model X - which came with 20" wheels.

I have since purchased a new set of 22" alloys and Pirelli Scorpion tyres (Rear: 285/35/22 Front: 265/35/22).

I took the correct advise regarding the wheels and tyres - so the wheels would be correct for the car. I was also told by Tesla that they would need to be 42psi.

Both the alloys and tyres have now been fitted to my vehicle correctly.
Although, now I have the 'TYRE PRESSURE SYSTEM NEEDS SERVICE' warning on my dash. After looking at many different YouTube videos online, I have seen that you have to go into the settings and press 'reset wheel sensors' - BUT my problem is that my vehicle doesn't have that option/button?

Could anyone help and advise me please,
Our MX doesn't have that "reset TPM" button either. Tesla said we can't reset it.. just have to drive it around for a while over certain speed and it should try to reset itself. Have you tried that?
Hi, thank you for your reply. We drove around 250 miles over the weekend and it hasn't reset itself yet unfortunately.
I didn't know whether to press the default factory reset button in the settings and see what that did. I just didn't know if it would cause any issues by resetting it to factory settings.