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Model X US pricing v UK equivalent expected pricing?

Model X now online via US site for builds and pricing.

$80,000 for the basic model, the 70D version, conversion today via XE = £53,064.49

Cheapest US price found so far with incentives is $66,500 = £44,112.56 (Federal Tax $7500 + Colorado State $6000)

Keeping in mind sales Tax in the US and our VAT would a base price of say £49,995 inc UK VAT before any UK incentives be near the mark for the 70D versions? 90D and other models get very expensive in my view. If so would there be many takers for this the Model Xs cheapest option?
I've just been approaching the Model X pricing in a different way. I've had a look at the Model S pricing on the US and UK website to see if there is a constant ratio and found there sort of is, though it gets less favourable as the cost goes up:

US Price in USDUK Price in GBPRatio UK/US Price
P85D maxed out138,0001075000.78
So taking prices from this post on the Tesla Motors forum it gives the following approximate Model X prices, by taking a suitable ratio from the table above.

US Price USDUK Price GBP
MX 70D Base80,00059,200
MX 70D maxed out108,95082,800
MX 90D maxed out121,95093,900
MX P90D maxed out151,950120,000
If we're still getting the £5000 grant when the Model X arrives in the UK then the prices in the table above can have that subtracted.

Finally, this is all rather rough and ready, with various inaccuracies, so I'd like to be clear that no one has my permission to quote anything from this post, or use the numbers, outside the Tesla Motors Club forum.