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Model X v9 update...

I’m still waiting for my X (2018 75D) to be sent the v9 update - am I alone?
~7.5% of others have not ... 92.5% sum'd below (TeslaFI.COM 2249 users so pretty good sized sample)

I never could get V9 until I upgraded my wifi to a google mesh system. Now, with a wifi point in the garage, I get 65mb at the car, compared to the 5mb I had previously. Now I get all updates pretty much as soon as the are released. I suspect Tesla prioritizes those accounts that its system knows has good wifi.
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I haven't received it either. 2016 90D. I'm never on Wi-Fi, always on cellular..maybe that's why.
Here's what I did - I made a service appointment at the Service Center and, as an explanation of the service I needed, I simply wrote that I wanted to connect to their wifi to download V9. Within an hour, I got a call from the SC who said they would push the download over the LTE network! I got V9 that evening, without access to wifi, and an email cancelling my service appointment. I guess the SC was busy enough without having me parked there for a few hours...