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Model X with nose cone in video?


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Oct 17, 2015
Was watching a youtube video and noticed what appears to be a Tesla Model X with a nosecone. Could that be a Model S?
That's not a Model X. The door handles for the rear doors aren't forward. It must be a Model S, though the dimensions look weird because of the lens distortion on the outside of the image. It took me a few takes because it looked like it might be a sighting of a Model 3. Here's a zoom.

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 9.57.41 AM.png
It's a Model X, without a doubt. This is consistent with what I've heard that the decision to go with or without the nose cone was made at the (relative) last minute. I know in the weeks leading up to the reveal there were test vehicles that both had or were missing the nose cone, so they certainly had built both up. It is rather odd though that they would bring one of these alternate designs to the reveal site.
At first I thought, how could it be a Model X? Looks exactly like a model S. But then I compared to this picture and I think you will all agree it's an X. I took the liberty to tweek out the lens distortion in Adobe Lightroom.

2015.10.17-08.57.31 11.52.47 AM.jpg

Now what if it's the "new" model S being released this fall??? You heard it here first!
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Is the Model S exterior going to be revised this fall? Any more info on this?

I'm only guessing based on a 11 month old quote from a November 7, 2014 Tesla e-mail "Latest Updates from Tesla." How do you guys define "significant platform change?" Since then we have had many improvements to Model S i.e. Executive Seats, 70D, 90kWh battery, Ludicrous upgrades, LTE just to name a few. I'd like to see new nose and improved CPU processor (Tegra?). I'm guessing "platform" means body and "ModelXify" but who knows? Sorry to get off thread, just answering a question.

What’s Next

With the introduction of Dual Motor and Autopilot, there will be no further significant platform changes to Model S for about a year. We continue to see rapid growth elsewhere with the construction of the Gigafactory, the spread of Superchargers, and increased vehicle production.

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Can a moderator clean up this topic please? The message by "aija SigX 649" is confusing. He misunderstood what is going on.

aija SigX 649,
In OP's screenshot, you can see the name of the video. It was uploaded by a reputable youtube channel with over 50,000 subscribers. The video is genuine. The moment with the black cars in the background is also available in the OP's video. That is a different moment. Instead checking the video mentioned by the OP, you checked a different video.
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The model S is NOT being refreshed according to R&T. Why would they? No competition right now, and they are almost 100% focused on the 3 and Y -- the company survival depends on that. A refreshed S comes later....

Road & Track

Make sense to me. The traditional automaker determined years ago that a yearly refresh made the previous models "obsolete" and created demand for the new models. They sell hundreds of thousands of vehicles yearly. Tesla can't match those numbers right now and are still trying to sell to new users - they have no need to try to get their existing user-base to upgrade.

Furthermore, I have a theory that the Tesla Models S/X are built so well, that they will function well for many decades, unlike a typical ICE that begins to fall apart after 5-10 years. If Tesla wants to tap their existing user-base for additional sales, they may find it difficult to get their customers to "upgrade" when their existing vehicle works so well. I think Tesla dynamics are going to be very different.

This is actually a refreshing change from a disposable/consumerism-driven society.