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Model X

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Willing to look at any Model X at $60k or lower with less than 40k miles with AP2 that is in Southern California. Willing to be patient and wait it out as long as it takes to make this happen. Not real picky on color and completely cool with standard battery and options. PM me if interested.
Maybe I should also add... if this isn't something realistically on the market now or in the next few months, when do you all think this could become a reality? Everyone here is much more knowledgeable than me on this stuff and I know that AP2 is still relatively new. It's really the only upgrade that I care about, so I get that I might need to wait 2 years for something 'better' to come out that causes existing models to lose some value the way the 2014/5 MS CPO's have.
Yeah, I know nothing as well but I have done a TON of research since this post. I'm actually looking at 40,000 miles but $60k in price which changes the equation a little. Your rationale aligns with my thought for early 2021 value of MX, but I baked in a +5k adder since the SUV is more expensive. Probably see $45k on MX by 2021.

MX 75D with AP2 currently costs 84.5 new (before tax incentives). If I do 25% depreciation in Year 1 and 10% in year 2, that gives me a value of $55k 2 years from now. I'm not sure if the Year 1 depreciation is correct - but 10% of that is tax incentives and not true price depreciation for the initial buyer, so I'm now hoping to get a MX 75D with less than 40k miles for less than $60k inside of 2 years.

Based on the same percentage assumptions, might even be able to get a 100D for $65k in 2 years.

That's my thought at least. We'll see leases ending and Model Y pre-orders and maybe early deliveries in these time frames which will probably push down the current MX's as well as new features in the technology.