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Model X's delivered in 2015 to be model year 2016?

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The VIN assigned to my Signature #1 Model X is a 2016 VIN.
This is interesting news...
The first 11 Model S Founders cars went out June 22, 2012, the remainder over the next couple of months so that the first Model S Signatures went out in mid-August. So just short of a two month gap. If that held, it'd be reasonable to expect late November at the earliest for Model X Sigs. So perhaps understandable that the VIN for X-S00001 is 2016, but definitely not expected, at least by me.
The only rule Tesla needs to follow is that 2016 models are produced between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2016. Other than that, it's entirely up to them when they call something a 2015 vs 2016.

That's for the us right?
I wonder how it is for the eu. I might be wrong, but I think it have to show the actual year.
The VIN assigned to my Signature #1 Model X is a 2016 VIN.

If that holds it will be a departure from Tesla's norm. I will be shocked if your car isn't built and delivered in 2015. Unless Tesla wants to have the Model X in the running for Best New of 2016 or something?

How likely do you think it is that your VIN will change? I'm assuming it's been assigned but the car's not yet been built?

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Hey, adelman, check my.teslamotors.com and see if your VIN is still showing? It looks like some previously assigned VINs aren't showing anymore.
Oh interesting. Mark's VIN had disappeared. Would you mind entering this into the ModelXTracker ?
I removed my VIN from the X Tracker since Tesla Motors removed the VIN from the data shown in "My Tesla". Since the ending number might change, I feel it is best to remove it until the same or revised number is shown in "My Tesla".

The number that did appear in "My Tesla" for about a week was a 2016 model year as well.
Exactly. If only one manufacturer in an entire industry (note that I haven't confirmed that fact) is putting out Model Year XX cars at the end of Calendar Year XX, then I'd excuse a clerk or public servant that didn't closely follow Tesla to make the mistake.
I welcome aligning the model year with the other manufacturers. But only so that a MS/MX purchased at the end of the year might have a higher resale value down the road.

Would be interested in knowing if any new MS orders have also gotten 2016 vins.

That would be nice, but it makes no difference in the case of the S. It would have made sense to start calling them 2015 when autopilot came out if Tesla wants to use 2016 in this case. It's not just for resale value but also for other things such as insurance. Having a 2014 with all 2015 features that's a 2015 in every way except for the VIN won't help you if 2015s have fewer accidents because of active safety features.

On the other hand, Tesla screws things up for existing owners if they change the paradigm at this point. It will make it hard for owners to say that their cars are the same as the ones for the following year if Tesla stops making it their practice.