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Model Y At fault front bumper repair - Go with insurance claims or pay out of pocket?? Quoted $5.5k

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Had a small accident with my new Model Y where I damaged my bumper. Took it to the tesla collision center and they quoted me $5.5k to fix everything.
I am paying $97/month with Tesla insurance. Wanted to check if anyone had experience in how much did your insurance go up after making a claim. I am leaning towards paying as my deductible is $1k and I fear my insurance will go up and I will end up paying more over a long period of time instead of paying $5.5k up front. Wanted to get your thoughts and experience. Thanks!!!
My little parking lot bump creased the rear hatch. Bid's averaged about $6K. I decided to use my insurance since I never had a claim since 1973. What a mistake. In the 3 years since the accident my auto insurance went up about 3X.

I suggest talking to one of the dent pulling companies to try. One dent puller looked at pictures and said he could have done the work for about $200.
What is a Tesla Collision center? Is that the same as setting up a repair on the Tesla app?
A Tesla Collision center is pretty much what the name says, a facility that focuses on repairs of vehicles. There are Tesla Collision Centers and Tesla Certified Collision Centers. Setting up a repair on the app basically creates a referral to whichever is locally available.
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