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Model Y glass roof chip

Was driving down the highway and heard a loud clap. Assumed it was a rock that skipped off the windshield. Didn’t see any windshield damage. A few days later was washing the car and noticed the chip in the glass roof. You cannot see the chip from the inside as it is right above the passenger side visor.

I know there was a thread before on glass chips in the roof. Called my insurance company and they said it is a body damage claim and not glass since the windshield is fine. Would fall under comprehensive insurance.

insurance did state that I would have to go to Tesla to have this repaired. Live in Maryland and the service center in owings mills seems to have weeks waiting list for service.

anyone know how long this repair should typically take?


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Insurance company is going to cover the cost of the roof as a comprehensive claim. They send funds directly to Tesla collision center. Looks to be over 2,500 and that’s if the windshield does not crack during replacement. Collision center said it’s a 2 day project so the glass and cure.
Maybe a silly question... Has anyone had PPF installed on the top window? Seems like it would stop a lot of the rock chips in the top glass and be fairly simple

Not a silly question as I have called around and not many shops do or recommend applying film protection on the glass roof. One shop that did my front Xpel clear bra said he's not confident that Xpel would stick on glass and if it would wrap properly as he has never done it. And another shop I called about ClearPlex Windshield Protection film said that in his experience the ClearPlex will fade and wear out in about 1-2 years under the sun. He also had the same unnerving opinion on applying Xpel on the glass roof.
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