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Model Y has no Spare Tire

How and where to carry a spare tire for the Model Y?

- Is the frunk larger enough (for a deflated tire)?


- Is the second rear sub-trunk is large enough (like with the Model X on this picture?


- is the rear sub-trunk deep enough?


- When removing the carpet, could the rear area large enough to insert a spare horizontally?


- Or does the only possibility is to keep it directly inside the trunk?


Here is the Model Y trunk

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Thats why i put like 5 question marks there.
My question still stands.
I’ve read numerous times on this and other (Tesla)forums,
that there are laws somewhere that demands a physical spare wheel in the car,
like comment #7 in this thread.
I’ve yet to see evidence of this claim.
I think the confusion is that in some US states,
it is illegal to sale a used car without a spare tire if originally this car had a spare tire.

Carmakers are skipping spare to slightly increase fuel economy, but also to save cost.
They provide instead “run-flat” tires, or a compressor and sealant kit to temporarily fix a flat tire.

The problem is that a sealant kit won’t help drivers if a tire’s sidewall gets sliced
or if the flat is caused by more extensive damage than a tread puncture.
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I’ve seen this comment a lot, but I’m yet to see a source for this legal requirement. Can anybody provide source? In Europe this is not a requirement, but Ive heard som U.S. States like Texas have it?????

I can't speak for either of those, but in the case of Australia, two conflicting observations:

- Nissan Leafs sold here had a spare tyre (attached below the rear of the car), but Nissan Leafs imported directly from Japan don't.
- Tesla Model S, X and 3 sold in Australia do not have a spare tyre included.

The Leaf example may have been a source for this kind of rumour, unless it *was* a requirement back then and ceased to be before the Model S started to be sold (in Australia this was 2012 for the Leaf, 2014 for the Model S)..
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