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Model Y Manual Versions?

I have a question regarding the online versions of the Manual for Model Y. I took delivery on September 30, 2020. The online version of the manual I downloaded (not the one accessed from the screen of the car itself) was version 2020.20 published on May 26, 2020. I went looking today for an updated version and found 2020.44 published on October 29, 2020. I haven’t deciphered how much is different. My question is when and how do they update these. Are they software based? Hardware based so that it might reflect the 2021 model versions at some point with the new Center console and other changes? Is the one accessed from the car screen different and updated more regularly with each software update? I will look when I get a chance but was curious what others have found. At some point do I stick with one version since I have a 2020 model and the changes reflected May not be as relevant to me and my vehicle? Anyone have any insight? Thoughts?
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Yes, I've wondered about this as well. As changes are introduced over time in both hardware and software, neither your original manual nor the current online one is entirely accurate. Your original manual is presumably accurate about the hardware you have, but not totally accurate in describing today's updated software. Some of this can be addressed in the updated manual, for example, a section on using the software to turn on the heated steering wheel could specifically say that this applies only to newer models with this hardware feature. But this approach gets complicated quickly.
I read the thread title and was expecting to see that someone outfitted a Tesla with a stick shift.

Since there don't seem to be multiple versions of the manuals for older models like the MS and MX, they probably cover the hardware updates and variances as "if equipped." I bet the release notes are a much better resource than waiting for a manual update.
Sorry for the confusion on the stick shift MY! Lol.
I had a recall notice in a VW once that included turning in and getting a new printed manual at the dealership due to some misinformation inside. Tesla does update their owner's manual but it takes months between updates.

For example, the Model Y owner's manual last year had references to using your voice to "Open the glovebox". This was apparently copied from the Model 3 owner's manual as the Model Y, at the time it was released last year in 2020, did not have an option to open the glovebox via voice commands. This confused a lot of people here asking why it wasn't working.

It was probably six months before they updated the owner's manual for the Model Y to remove that example.