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Model Y Perf or BMW X3M?

Hi everyone - going through somewhat of a dilemma right now. I'm a serial BMW M3 owner whose F80 lease is coming end of term. I despise the looks of the new generation M3, so that has turned my attention to other models. I've basically narrowed things down to either the BMW X3M Competition or the Model Y Performance. I know it will be tough to get an objective view here, but any thoughts/leans on which way to go? I'd love to hear from some others that may have been in a similar boat.
Previous BMW owner of X5s and 5 series for multiple generations. Switched to Tesla with a couple Model Xs. The Model Xs were nice. Very good acceleration, but the handling and ride left a lot to be desired. The interior finish of the Model X was not as luxurious in my opinion as the recent X5 and 5 series. The material quality of the BMWs felt much more robust and durable, and there’s a certain refinement. The Model Y handles much better than the MX. The performance MY acceleration is insane. The MY interior is the simple with clean lines and more of a tech feel than luxury. The big advantage over BMW is Auto Pilot. The OTA updates IMHO are really to add functionality that was already there for BMW or fix problems that BMW never had or gimmicks, with exception of AP improvements. Tesla’s supercharging network, range, efficiency and acceleration make it the no brainer brand for EVs at this point.

Quick note on service. BMW is a true luxury auto maker with a long heritage. BMW service centers and advisors are in another class compared to Tesla.
Depends on your parking style.

I think a big element of this is your space requirements and how you plan on using it. Our lease on an Acura sedan was coming up. We have a 10 month old. I have an Expedition for longer road trip needs (we have big dogs) but wanted something with more space for short in town runs. The Acura was small in the back and did not fit a rear facing seat well. At the end of the day, we needed more space. X3 is small in the back, especially relative to the Y. You really need to get into the X5 size class before the space gets close (especially for rear facing child seat).

The other factor for me was performance. I ordered the MYP. For the performance and size, I wasn't going to get into anything under $80/90k. I seriously looked at a Macan Turbo (as well as X3M, X5M, GLC63, GLE65), but it was going to cost at least $20k more and the back seat was too small (relative to the Y). PLUS you gotta think about the fact that anything that'll touch the performance of a MYP will be in the sub 20mpg territory.

If you haven't driven an MYP - I would suggest it. It really cemented the choice for me.
My friend is a M3 fanatic and recently drove my MY P. He couldn't believe how easy it was to drive to its stated specs. Remember, it is nearly impossible for anyone other than a truly professional driver in ideal conditions to achieve the stated specs of ICE vehicles. In other words, in the real world with an average driver the Y P is far superior because it just does it, without extra effort from the driver (and it does it everywhere, including a very curvy and steep uphill which would challenge most ICE drivers).

I agree with the general consensus that BMW has fancier interiors.
Hate the new 2021 BMW kidney grill which resembles the buck teeth of a beaver.

If you are a big BMW lover I think you are going to really struggle with Tesla. My entire family are serial BMW drivers (M5, X5, X3, M2) and they loathe the Tesla wheel and they feel (as do I) that cornering at speed is noticeably different. You also don't get the cockpit feeling you get when you drive a BMW.

I think it will really come down to what you like/dislike about the BMW experience.
I owned a 2012 X5 diesel then a 2018 Audi SQ5 (similar to the X3 M40i, not the X3M) and switched to the MY this past September. Now that I have ~4,500 miles on it, I am extremely happy I made the switch. I don’t think you’ll regret it at all.

The MY has 5 cubic feet of more storage space (with back seats folded down), 68 vs 63 (SQ5). However, the rear hatch is sloped on the Y so there is a little less vertical space. I do motorcycle track days and one concern I had was if the Y had enough storage space to lug all my track gear and I’m happy to say it has more than enough.

As for other posters’ comments about service quality from BMW, etc., I have to say, my experiences from owning MB, BMW, and Audi were average. Nothing was exemplary, all was just a standard service transaction...well, except for the BMW where the car wash guy kept stealing all of my quarters out of the car (I leave about $3-5 in the car for parking meters). Had to bring it up with the service manager 2x and both times he just gave me a roll of $10 in quarters.
well, except for the BMW where the car wash guy kept stealing all of my quarters out of the car (I leave about $3-5 in the car for parking meters). Had to bring it up with the service manager 2x and both times he just gave me a roll of $10 in quarters.

@Koolio46 sounds like you're ahead in the neighborhood of $10-14 combined on those visits! How do they stay in business?!?
Former 740 owner, how long do you keep cars? Even factoring in computer screens and computers dying I can’t see a Tesla approaching the maintenance cost of an out of warranty BMW or Mercedes. I could hear that car chewing through parts in the driveway. Still loved the car but yikes... for me the Y wins even over the 7 series for its instant response and not having to deal with gas stations. A lot of gas stations in the case of the 7.... You don’t realize how awful that is until you get back in your ICE and see the empty fuel gauge creeping to empty. If you lease, drive them and get the car you want. I’m never commuting in anything but electric again.
I appreciate the candor everyone, great insights. I never hold my cars for very long, usually three to four years max (in fact I was toying with leasing the YP until I heard that they were closed-end). It sounds like the consensus here is a slight lean towards the BMW, so I'll definitely continue to give this some more thought.
If you enjoy the build and ride quality of BMW, stay far, far away from Tesla.

Funny, I think BMW is actually the closest of the German Big 3 to the firm MYP ride and shoddy Tesla build quality. BMW still hasn’t figured out how to engineer a reliable high pressure fuel pump or turbo engine. Many of the folks I know with higher-miles turbo BMWs won’t even take them on road trips because they don’t trust the reliability that far.

To OP, I have experience with the X3m40 (not the mComp), but these were my impressions: BMW has less usable cargo area and less rear seat room. BMW has lots of gadgets and electronics throughout the cockpit—personal preference I think on whether you prefer that or the single-screen setup. BMW’s leatherette and standard leather quality is crap. The Tesla leatherette is much nicer. Both cars are a blast to drive and handle better than any CUV has a right to. In at least the m40, there is a very clearly ECU-programmed overrun that makes the exhaust pop on downshifts. It feels super artificial and I found it got tedious after about 5 minutes. Dealer quality was ultimately a deciding factor for me against BMW. The SoCal BMW dealer network is even worse than Tesla; very slimey sales and poor repair service.
I'm glad you posted this, as I'm in a very similar boat. I'm coming off of a BMW M3CS lease and looking for something that's a little more practical / bigger for the family. In comes the MYP, which I currently have on order. That said, as a longtime BMW owner, I'm excited but also scared, lol.
Its a tough call and you can make a case either way. Personally I like the drivetrain and torque and hopefully low maintenance of the Tesla and the styling, and build and ride quality Carplay of the BMW. I am still on the fence. I have two BMW's and test drove the Model 3, Y and S. Problem is I liked the S due to the air suspension but I liked the Y's size and practicality. I thought the Y's ride was harsh though so I am sitting and watching for now.
We bought a Tesla Model Y Performance as our first Tesla, and we continue to own BMW's as well. A few thoughts:

First, the speed of the Tesla is incomparable. You need to spend some time driving one. You'll be hooked. The Tesla M3 and MY are a pleasure to drive. The MYP firm ride will not be firm compared to BMW's M cars and Mercedes' AMG cars, which are very firm. I think you'll like the ride/handling balance.

Second, you'll hear comments on Tesla quality vs BMW quality, but we've owned BMW's since 1994 and have had plenty of BMW quality problems. I've even had BMW dealers damage our cars trying to fix quality problems. One had to be repainted! Mercedes has less quality problems than BMW in our experience.

Third, in pursuit of volume/growth BMW has (sadly) lost its way. The M2 is still a good driver's car and there are debatebly some others, but most of BMW's lineup is no longer worthy of the ultimate driving machine moniker, and as such I've been losing interest in BMW for some time. Among EV's Tesla is the closest thing to the BMW of EV's in terms of how they tune the driving dynamics.

If your driving application is 200 miles or less per day and you have a garage where you can install a level 2 240V charger, I think you should be seriously test-driving a Tesla. Rent one on Turo if you have to.
ITs hard to put into pure numbers, the acceleration feel of a EV, particularly Tesla. YOu truly have to drive one for a long test drive to understand the sensation to one's mind when there is instant massive torque available at all times. There is no "rev band". There is no build up of turbo assisted boost/power. There is no waiting on a gear change. And yes, in the real world,all of those things make a difference. You know when you are on a boulevard and you are say, 50 yards from the light and you are doing 50mph and the light turns yellow, and you are quickly deciding "do I stop or do Ihit the accelerator", but you decide to brake hard and stop because you don't want the harshness of a 5th gear to 2nd gear downshift? Yeah..thats not a thing. You simply floor it and your acceleration is immediate/quiet and insane. Same when you are cruising on the interstate in the right lane, and an entrance ramp comes up and you see traffic about to merge. But the lane to your left is full. But you may have passengers and you dont want the noise/drivetrain shock of flooring it and going from 6 down to top of third gear. So you brake and slow down. No. In Tesla you floor it and quietly and pass everyone with near zero noise/vibration/harshness.
Or how about when you are at the end of the entrance ramp to the interstate, and there is fast moving traffic approaching that you need to merge into and you need full instant acceleration. You simply..floor it and the acceleration is instant. And in less than a couple seconds or 3, you've gone from maybe 20mph to 70mph with zero drama.

Oh, and nevermind how quickly you get spoiled from not having to wait in the weekend long line at Costco for gas. You simply...plug into your electrical outlet in your garage each night.

Oh, and those schedule A and schdedule B maintenance services that cost thousands? Half the systems that get "maintained"? Dont even EXIST in a Tesla.

I too come from a long line of BMW's and AMG benzes. NEVER going backwards to overly complex combustion engines. Never.
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