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Model Y Performance 21" Tires - Larger, More Comfortable Fitment Details and Experience - Michelin AS4's (With Photos)

I just put about 600 miles on these tires. Michelin AS4 265/40 295/40

As others have said, no rubbing, smooth ride, quiet and decent handling. I’m really glad I read this thread before replacing my factory Pirellis. I’m running all four tires at 40psi.

I notice that these tires eat up some of the road buzz I used to feel on chip-seal roads and road imperfections. My efficiency was slightly reduced with the new sticky tread, but it was also extremely windy on my drives. I didn’t notice a handling falloff or improvement over the Pirellis, but I didn’t really push the car too much on this trip.

Thanks again to all that posted this info. You were exactly right that these tires transform the car on the Uberturbines.
Do you need to put any kind of spacers for the 265/40/21 & 295/40/21 set? Or just replace original old tires with the new set ?

Thank you!
I recently had to replace my 2022 MYP OEM Michelin All Season 4's and after a lot of research, and tire hunting, wanted to share my experience and the direction I went. Valuable information for those close to ordering new tires. I just drive 2000 miles through Santa Cruz, San Jose, Sacramento, and did a weekend in Tahoe, driving on many dirt roads and rough roads.

First off, I will never go with another set of tires after having these. I made it to 37,000 miles with 3/32 left on all 4 tires. they wore evenly. Their performance in heavy rain and even 6" of snow was unbelievable. Ive had multiple cars with Pirellis, and always stuck with them, but was not happy with the miles I got out of them, and the thought of getting 27,000 miles on them with an EV just sounds terrible considering the price.

The Tires

I went up in size with width, and sidewall.

Stock/OEM for the MYP is:
Front: 255/35/21
View attachment 853290
Rear: 275/35/21
View attachment 853291

The tires I chose are:
Front: 265/40/21
View attachment 853292
Rear: 295/40/21
View attachment 853293

Front wheels fully turned, there's still >1" to the inner tire well. So no rubbing at all, even with quick turns into parking lots (Where you would probably get rubbing the most)
Rear wheels haven't rubbed on any large bumps. I even tried to get them to rub. nothing.

The main bonus functionality wise is that the tires extend farther out than the rims. not much, but they do.
View attachment 853301


The difference is huge. Pictures don't do it justice. When I see other MYP's now, the OEM tires look stretched and the amount of room in the tire well looks like a mistake. maybe not on the MYLR, but for a performance, the larger sidewall REALLY looks great. It creates the illusion that your car is lowered, but its actually ~1.5" higher clearance

It truly looks performance even though It can handle bumpy roads and "All Season" conditions even better.

View attachment 853299

View attachment 853302

This part was really interesting.

Bigger tires have a higher rolling resistance than smaller tires which means they require more resistance and effort to get them rolling. However, if you do a lot of freeway driving at high speeds, larger tires can help increase your vehicle's efficiency.

So, days I drive a lot in the city with lots of stop and go, I get about 7% less range. but when I do a lot of freeway driving, I get about 7% better range.

I drive 150-350 miles a day, and have found zero difference in range because I do a wide range of road types. I really thought I'd lose range.


WOW, what a difference. Sure the suspension is still stiff, but I feel a LOT less of the small imperfections of the roads I drive on every day. even my girlfriend said she noticed it before I got to point it out. Speed bumps and things feel much better and not like im driving over a 2"x4". This is my favorite part of these tires functionality wise. Cant describe it.

There is no foam in the tires, but they are STILL quieter than the OEM with the foam. that stuffs a gimmick.

Things To Be Aware Of

Speedometer: It is not going to be accurate. Due to the larger diameter, it is off. I called Tesla, and talked to 2 different service centers, and there is nothing they can do about it. This seems like something Tesla overlooked. The only thing you can change is your rim size in your cars settings, but not the diameter...

So, when my car says im going 70MPH, im actually going 74MPH.
says 25, im going 26.5
says 40, im going 43
says 65, im going 68.5
says 85 (for AP max) im going 90.

This is something that as long as you keep in mind, it doesnt matter. I just changed my cruise control settings so it doesn't add 5MPH anymore. I chose 7% increase and it's fine.

I dont know if it's the new beta version, or that the car thinks its going slower than it is, but ive noticed that on AP/FSDbeta, it is taking turns a little wider and sometimes touches the lines on the outer edge of the turn if im going above 50mph. I'm pretty sure it's the speed issue.

This really needs to be able to be corrected by the user in the settings. sometimes switching brands can add .5in of diameter even if the tire is the same "size".


Go Bigger! the OEM tires are actually stretched on your Uberturbines. they are meant for wider tires but Tesla went smaller for efficiency reasons, which in the end, didn't matter. Finding the OEM sizes of these wonderful tires is basically impossible. They are on a national backorder right now which is why I went for a different size in the first place. These tires arent cheap, but they ARE worth every penny.

American tire warned me that they weren't OEM sizes, and I told them I know for a fact they will fit and they had no problem installing them.

Here's some more pictures just for fun. These are some CHONKY tires. Thicc with 2 "C"s. tiny American tire man for reference.
View attachment 853304 View attachment 853305
Do you need to put any kind of spacers for the 265/40/21 & 295/40/21 set? Or just replace original old tires with the new set ?
Maybe this update can correct the speed offset: 2022.40.1 Official Tesla Release Notes - Software Updates
Just updated to 2022.40.4.1 2022.40.4.1 Official Tesla Release Notes - Software Updates

Tire configurator got updated BUT you still can't pick tire sizes.
It lets you pick wheel size, square or staggered set up for wheels and for tires you can pick winter or all season/summer.
And that's about it.

Good step in right direction but allowing to pick tire size would be awesome!
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