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Model Y Performance vs Macan EV and home charging

Good morning/afternoon everyone depending on where you are.

I am a new member here, even though I have been reading posts for a long time. Had a question for the community. I am planning to:

1) Get my home charging system ready before the end of this year

I have been getting some quotes and I was going to get a 100A circuit from my main panel to the garage (2 - #3 copper conductors plus ground (no neutral wire)), so it would be ready for 1 but also 2 EVs in the future. If i add a circuit now, I would not want to add an additional one later, so i wanted to "future proof" my setup with a single install (paying a bit more $$$ and a single run). Does that make sense and is it enough amperage? Is it overkill? How would you set it up - 60/40A, 50/50A?

Also i was going to get a Wall Connector installed but if my next car is not a Tesla not sure if this is the best choice? Would you rather get a Chargepoint? (more on next question). Since this is the last year we get the 30% rebate or $1,000 back I was planning to get it done this year and have the hardwired charger installed.

2) Buy an EV, which I knew it would be a MYP but now I am debating

I was 95% confident my next car would be the MYP after test driving it, but lately I have been debating between putting an order for a MYP to lock the price and put a hold in it for June wishing we could get by then single casting, 4680, better range, improved QC. Now, knowing that we will get in 2022 also a Macan EV and for what folks are mentioning, it seems it will be priced similarly to the MYP, potentially with better range, and better QC/fit&finish. Thoughts on that? Would you put an order now or would you wait for the Macan EV? How would that affect your choice for #1?

Thanks everyone.


On The Clown Car
Sep 6, 2021
Tesla is now selling a J1772 Wall Charger. It does not support Wi-Fi which might limit some of your options but you can charge pretty nearly any car with it. Personally I think it’s a good way to go for multi-brand homes and the price is competive.

Using the above charger answers your other question as well since they only come in a 40Amp version. You could get a 60 Amp Tesla specific for the second one then you’d be 60/40, but then you have to start thinking about who parks where.

Personally, I think 40 Amps is plenty fast for most people. That gets you over 200 miles in a 10 hour session for all Teslas. Unless you do a lot of long road trips back to back, that should be fine. The big question is whether you want to deal with the J1772 adaptor every time you charge your Tesla.

Edit: I think there is also the reverse, a J1772 to Tesla adaptor you can buy.
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Well-Known Member
Oct 2, 2020
If you purchase and install the charging station in 2021 you would qualify for a 30% tax credit on your federal income tax (up to $1,000 maximum.) Not sure if the tax credit is available after this year. The tax credit would apply to the cost of installing the circuit (labor and materials) and the equipment such as the Wall Connector or the Chargepoint EVSE.

A sub panel installed in the garage might be best. This can be rated for 100A or 125A depending on your home's service. Your electrician can advise you.

The Wall Connector can support automatic load balancing (up to 4 Wall Connectors). (2) Wall Connectors set for 60A charging would normally require 125A service but you could use a smaller circuit, i.e. 80A or 100A and the Wall Connector units would automatically limit the charging current when more than one Wall Connector is in use.
Thanks for the responses.

What about MYP vs Macan EV which is probably the biggest topic?

@Ogre - I saw the WC with J1772 (it is Gen2). My idea was to take advantage of power sharing in the future. I guess that I have no choice but to first decide Tesla vs non-Tesla, I would hate going with adapters.

@jcanoe, that's why I wanted to get this done this year, and that's exactly the setup I have in the quote. run a circuit to the garage, then subpanel and from there two circuits to two chargers (in the future), only one charger this year, but the option to add another one.
The idea of power sharing is great, have anyone tested if it works with a Tesla EV and a non-Tesla EV (of course using an adapter)?
I'm not up to date on the latest Macan EV news, but knowing Porsche and seeing the Taycan I would be a huge fan. The major downsides that I can see of it would be:

  1. Big wait times
  2. Premium pricing (if demand is high, and it should be)
  3. Lack of access to supercharging network (but this might change by the time it is delivered)

Honestly you lose so little by placing an order for the MYP right now and pushing it out until June next year.
Would you agree the best option would be to place an order, put on hold the MYP and then check if and when the Macan EV comes out?

Pricing wise I think it would be priced similarly to the MYP, thoughts?

The Macan EV might be a MYP killer...time will tell. and I believe they are still under the 200k deliveries, so not affected as much if the BBB law passes.


Well-Known Member
Oct 2, 2020
If the 2023 Macan EV lineup is similar to the latest Porche Macan gas vehicles there will be a Macan EV, Macan EV S and Macan EV GTS. Porche no longer offers a Macan Turbo (maybe in recognition that the Turbo badge is not applicable to an EV.)

The current gas powered Macan starts at $54,900; the Macan S starts at $65,400 and the Macan GTS starts at $79,900 (all US prices.)

It will be interesting to learn the pricing of the Porche Macan EV as it gets closer to 2023.
I would check with your local utility to see if they have any EV charger rebates. I think those are generally only for ChargePoints and juiceboxes, and one other brand I can’t remember, got $500 from mine. ChargePoints don’t have load sharing, but could be set at a lower Amp via app. I lean toward going with j1772 because you’re unsure what you’ll get and hopefully tesla switches to to ccs at some point which will use the j1772 for home charging.

Using the J1772->Tesla adapter is honestly not a big deal at all, it just requires you to hit the button and let it relock to the adapter. You can still do it one handed, it takes a 1/2 second longer. If you do go Tesla charger though you can get Tesla to J1772 adapters for other cars, think they’re like $150.

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