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Model Y ride quality; can it be extrapolated based on the S, X and 3?

I have a Model Y pre-purchase agreement placed and am curious/concerned about the ride quality. Given that most SUV's/Crossovers require firmer suspension to compensate for their higher center of gravity, I am concerned the Model Y may not be compliant enough for what I want. And the main reason for going with the Y is the hatchback, so I really don't want the 3. Can anyone guesstimate what the Y's ride quality might be like in comparison to the other Tesla models?
So far the Model 3 and Model Y seems to have only spring suspension so they would be very similar.

The Model Y will be a little bit taller, but most of the weight would be very low to the ground.
However, it seems that the Model Y tires will be 255 wide instead of Model 3 tires of 235 wide

However, with the additional body weight and the third row option with two additional (small) passengers,
the suspension might be a little more stiff.

There was mention to have Adaptive Suspension damping like the Model S and Model Y.

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