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Model Y Standard range ordered, should I keep the order?

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Hello everyone, I am new here, currently, I ordered MY Standard Range, but just learned the news that this model has been cancelled. Should I wait and cancel my order or go ahead to pick up my car as planned? It is scheduled to pick up this week. What do you all think?

Thanks in advance and stay safe and healthy.
Will it be replaced by a LR (RWD) ?
If so, for few thousand green, if you can afford it, I would try getting a Long Range over a Standard Range.
For an EV, battery size is certainly the most important.
Note: You might get a new offer from Tesla if the SR is no more available.
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I agree with watts_up get the longest range EV you can. Like he says range is everything.

if Tesla offered a 400 mile and 500 mile, I’d get the 500 mile without hesitation.

With 250 miles. You don’t typically charge to 100% (usually 90% is a high daily charge level) nor do you drain it to 0% (I don’t like going below 20%). Now your are down 175 miles. Couple years down the road your are down to a 150 miles. Now throw in some cold weather or bad weather and your are down to a 120 miles. And that does not cover phantom losses or any preconditioning.

If you never leave town, SR would be fine. Or you live in very warm climate.

I have 326 mile range and really wish I had at least 400. I have a cabin 120 miles away. My car was at 80%. I had to charge on the trip for 45 minutes or so. I charged from like 30% to 90%. I got home with 50 miles left. I was 30% over EPA watt hours/mile because of cold on the way up and 15% over on the way back. At 30F. That’s not that cold and weather was good. And I don’t drive that fast (65 mph tops) In warm weather I do better than EPA range. If I drive 75 mph it would have cost me another 10%.

Range is freedom. You do NOT have 4 chargers at every street corner.
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Everything points to getting the Long Range model of an EV except for cost.

The battery pack will lose some capacity over time
The smaller capacity Standard Range battery cannot deliver the same peak power or accept the same peak power while Supercharging as does the larger capacity Long Range battery
Cold weather, including preconditioning and heating will account for as much as 50% of the expected driving range.
As others mentioned, the SR wasn't technically cancelled (per Elon's tweet today), but just removed from the site so you can still buy it but you'll have to call Telsa or go into the store and place an order for one.

That said, if the SR works well for your needs, including the range that you'll get out of it (I had a Model 3 SR+ so I'm very familiar with low 200-ish mile range), then it's a perfectly capable car to get and you're saving a lot of money over the LR version if you don't need the range or dual-motor setup. I technically don't need the extra range, but I was able to afford the difference so I decided to splurge on my Y order. Otherwise I would've gotten the SR version and been perfectly happy with it.

My only advice is to hold out on the SR delivery if you're able to, and wait for a higher VIN (newer build) so you can get the update console, heated steering wheel, dual pane windows, and a few other things. Probably won't get the updated headlights, but the majority of the current builds don't have it.