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Model Y with new headlights

A member of the Facebook Model Y group just posted that his new Model Y with a build date of 2/11 and VIN # 124,xxx
was delivered with new headlights, new console, and a heated steering wheel. He took delivery in California. He wasn't sure about the HEPA filter.

Very nice! Just need HEPA confirmed and I can take my order off hold. Makes a huge difference with the annual wildfires we now get on the west coast.

I've considered those but they're not the same. It's not a massive difference, but we had an S with HEPA before our 3 and the air quality and smells are noticeable. With the S, nothing from outside gets into the cabin (in terms of what you can actually sense). Driving a zero-emission car makes you that much more aware of all of the emissions and tailpipes around you and the monster HEPA filter and other HVAC changes do a ton for peace of mind.
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So I was waiting for the heated steering wheel.... Now I'm waiting for the new headlights.... Don't think I'll wait for the 4860s. :rolleyes:

We had two cars, I sold mine last September and haven't needed a second since. In fact, we rarely drive the one remaining car.

I can't really come up with a proper reason to rush my purchase. So I'll wait for the lights, and if someone mentioned the new cells are around the corner - you bet I'll wait for those!
The new headlights being used on the Performance Model Y have a block like, more even distribution of the head light low and high beam pattern. The headlights currently, still used in the Long Range Model Y have a hot spot in the center of the beam pattern. The major advantage of the new headlights will only be realized when US regulations permit the beam pattern to be programmed to change with the speed of the vehicle.