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Model Y

I have pre-ordered model Y and with deposit $2500. Now they said ready to pick up. But we having difficulties of financial now and want to cancel it. I wonder if they still give me the refund back?
This is COMPLETELY anecdotal, but I was able to receive my $2500 back for a Model 3 order not by cancelling, but by putting myself “back” into the queue with a delayed delivery request, then the system cancelled my order automatically a few months later and refunded my money.
Not saying it will work for you, and I’d suggest that your best approach is to simply call the sales advisor and ask.
I'm curious why you were charged with the $2,500 deposit. When I placed my order last year, I was only charged the $100 deposit. Even if I placed a mock order now, it's still a $100 deposit.
He’s from Canada, that’s why it’s 2500$ unlike you guys in the USA where it’s 100$

for the OP, yes your deposit is fully refundable and should appear within a few days on your credit card as soon as you cancel your order.