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Model YP purchase.

I wrote this for a non Tesla forum so some info everyone on here will be aware of however I am lazy and just pasting it here.

I picked up a Tesla Model Y performance on Saturday. Fit and finish was surprisingly better than I expected. I have looked at Tesla’s for several months and fully expected to have a long list of problems needing to be fixed. A detailed inspection found two very minor issues I probably won’t bother addressing. The car was vastly better in fit and finish than the Ford Mach E I looked at recently but not as good as a recent BMW X5 purchase. Overall I was very happy. Had I not been happy I could have rejected the car and waited for another one.
The ordering and delivery experience were very good. I spent about 30 minutes online ordering car and filling out required documents. Be aware however that Tesla can be a bit deceptive on pricing. The first number they show online includes projected fuel savings. You need to click a box to get the actual vehicle price and they still omit the destination charge and taxes. You get a final price when you complete the order. Pickup was about 5 minutes total signing final paperwork. At a minimum however you need to watch a 3 minute video on basic operation before picking up the car as they offer no instruction. The day I picked up the car they were delivering 42 cars. On a slower day perhaps they may have offered more help. They have however very good online tutorials on every aspect of owning the car. I watched most of them and found the car surprisingly easy to operate.
The driving experience has been fantastic and no issues have showed up. Sunday I charged the car to 250 miles range or about 85% of battery capacity and went for a drive. Drove 115 miles mostly on back roads at speeds between 45 and 55 MPH with about 20 miles of interstate at 79 MPH. I arrived back home showing 138 miles of range left. I did not order the full self drive and doubt I will add it at 10K. The basic autopilot was just fine and performed very well. The BMW advanced driving assistant performs just as well and does offer automatic lane changes. I missed that feature on the Tesla. The Stereo is outstanding on the Tesla. Best factory system I have had in a car. Navigation and other features are also outstanding. Tesla really did a great job with the software integration and once you get the initial settings set to your liking the car is a breeze to drive. The phone as a key system is also outstanding and better than the BMW version. I am charging with a home J1772 non Tesla charger but the car came with a adaptor that works just fine.
Overall I am very pleased. The car is deceptively fast and handles well for a SUV. I hope I say the same 1,2,3 and 4 years from now. Time will tell.