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Model3 after lockdown

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Aug 16, 2019
So we all know after lockdown its going to be like summer of love 1960's style.
We all feel bad for the folks that do our food, cut hair, Hotels that charge by the hour,
and the partners forgotton.
I am sure we are rusty on excuses to go out.

Good ones :
1. I lost a bolt in my model 3, must drive to Mexico for a replacement part.
2. Gotta get my hair done, looks like a day trip ( I look like Greg Almond)
3. My buddie needs me for a move, should take a day or so.
4. I have a new customer that I nee to meet with. over night
5. My tires have strange wear patterns, need to get it checked

Bad Ones:
!. comfort an old friend that feeling down (eagles not good)
2. He/She is breaking up
3. A friend is stuck n the snow in Ca.

Lets help the folks that need it after months of lockdown, and have some fun.
The lockdown here is so hard, even the roach motels are closed. Well I
think setting a record for the longest trip to get a beer (currently 100 miles)
My tires are square now.
6. the beer garden folks miss me and they do.
7. Its only 150 miles for good steak.
Now the darn goverment is in groundhog mode 6 weeks more of this.
8. Air out the car
And what with the friends that normally talk 10 minutes on the phone wanting
to talk hours. My ass is as flat as a tortilla. Need a stock quote, let me know.
When you start thinking your 3 would look good as a monster truck

What was the question?