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More excellent efficiency to report

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Nov 25, 2017
Now that the weather in New England is finally starting to warm up, I wanted to revisit my efficiency numbers I'm getting on my ~80mi commute. These are car readings, so they do not take into account charging losses.

Morning commute clocked in at 168Wh/mi. Ambient temperature was 50F. Used heated seats but not HVAC heat. This route has a slight net loss in elevation.
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And here is the overall consumption for the round trip: 184kW/mi. Ambient temperature was 70F. HVAC fan was running but no A/C use. The return trip has a slight net gain in elevation.
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Most of this drive is on the interstate with moderate traffic and EAP engaged.

Overall, I'm very happy with these results. Using 14kWh for a ~80mi commute is really awesome. It's around 5.5 miles per kWh. My rated range dropped 64 miles for this drive.

What are other people seeing? Is this consistent with your commutes?
Looks like on your first leg you were averaging about 20mph, that will definitely help efficiency, as you are right at “max range” speed!

The average speed is a bit misleading here. This is one of those commutes where you have 5 miles left, but it takes 49 minutes to travel those last 5 miles. Which means the first part of the morning commute was actually pretty decent (fast speeds).
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