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Motormouth Canada rants against Tesla

In the above video, Zach from Motormouth Canada goes on a bit of a rant against Tesla - starts at 1:42 . Points he makes:

Tesla fanboys put too much faith in Elon
Tesla is a tiny car company, can't benefit from economies of scale like existing car companies
He is bothered by the lack of a firm price on the Model X (he also seems ill informed, as it is pretty widely known that it will be comparable in cost to the S)
He doesn't believe Tesla can make the Model 3 at the $35,000 USD price point - more like $50-60,000
The vulcan (sic) doors won't work - issues with parking garages (height) and snow
Model X will face recall issues due to quality problems

Oh and he throws in a jab against Tesla/EVs at the 9:05 mark (although for context start around 8:45).. talking about how an Audi A6 TDI and the fuel economy it gets negates the need for EVs.
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He is such a tool. His anti-EV rhetoric continues. No wonder the show he is on has other people reviewing the Tesla, his reviews of Tesla (and other electric vehicles) are over the top biased and deliberately misinforming.

Check out Brian Chow's review, he is the camera man for Zack's "Driving Television" show, and did a great review of P85D a few months ago:
Brian Chow (of CTV show ) reviews P85D