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Mountain Pass Performance: adjustable rear camber arms installed

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BioDiesel & Electrons
Nov 20, 2020
Tacoma, WA
I just installed the MPP adjustable rear camber arms. Last summer I installed the UPP moderate 1" drop springs, so I knew my rear camber needed to be adjusted.

Super simple to install in my garage - only needed a 21mm wrench/socket to remove the 4 bolts holding the rear camber arms in place. Removed the stock, installed the MPP's and then fine tune the rear camber settings.

Here are a few picts of the process once you have the car lifted, supported and rear wheels removed.

side by side.jpg



close up MPP.jpg


installed 2.jpg
I was running just the UPP moderate springs, but rear negative camber was too much, and the negative values only increase when you carry 3 more adults (wife & 2x6ft teenagers) while under load/compression.

Front camber is too much money to mess around with and it’s pretty static - versus the loads/compressions the rear can have w loads and/or a utility trailer in tow.

July 2020 UPP springs install
December 2020 alignment

The rear camber value of -2.something degrees is too much for my liking - and again that number goes more negative w more load.

Hence the MPP rear camber adjustable camber arms.

I have a camber tool, so I set my values around -1.25 degrees.

Tesla stock values I don’t know - but from the spec values above, -1.25 degrees seems fine, and I might go less.
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