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Moving to Canada to U.S.: Homologation, software, account

Has anyone gone through the homologation process with a Tesla move from Canada to U.S.

The paperwork and import process seems pretty straightforward, but the tech doesn't seem so clear to me.

1. Is it easy for Tesla to convert the software from Canada to U.S.? Do they change the SIM?
2. Do they flash the software so you get access to Hulu, FSD built for U.S., features that Canada doesn't have?
3. Does the VIN get reassigned to the U.S. lot for update schedule, or is it forever stuck as a Canadian VIN'd car and get updated with Canada...
4. Do they convert the online account so you can add a U.S. credit card (billing address is stuck in Canada right now)?
5. Referral link is set to reward as 1,500km... Has anyone seen it switch to 1,000mi after the re-registration in a U.S. address?

Thanks! Couldn't find much on this forum.