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MPP Customer Service/Build Thread

I wanted to go ahead and start a thread about the already great service I have received from MPP compared to the others I have tried to order parts from. I started trying to figure out which direction I wanted to go with my build for about a month now. I got quotes from two different places for coilovers. Then i was trying to decide if I wanted to go with springs, front and rear sway bars, and camber arms. I do not track the car and just wanted a more sporty ride for my 2021 Performance. I ended up deciding on going with the later. Unfortunately @MountainPass doesn't sell springs, so I had to go with another unnamed company. SO I told them to go ahead and send me an invoice for the parts I wanted and I would send payment Needless to say over 11 days now and still no invoice. Well I call @MountainPass back and talk to Jesse and he hooks me up and gets me an invoice for the MPP Comfort coilovers within minutes. So needless to say to me, the price for customer service outweighs what I actually needed and would rather get a little more and pay a little more for good service and quality parts, than to sit around and wait for bad customer service and not as good of a solution.

So I will be documenting the install and review of the Comfort coilovers here when I get them in about 5 weeks or so. If you have a 2021 Performance with these coilovers feel free to drop your pics as well. I haven't seen one with them and let me know your settings as well. I will probably start with the recommended settings and go from there. Can't wait to get these and put them on. I will be doing the install myself so I should be able to get a lot of pics for the thread. IMG_0006.jpeg
You made a good choice going with the coilovers. You would have ended up regretting fitting springs alone. Believe me. Lots of very dubious claims are being made about springs.

And I can also guess who that other company was who didn't get back to you ;)
haha yes I'm sure you could have, but I don't like bashing on the internet too much. I would rather point out great customer service and products and leave it at that.
Do you race your car? I was wondering because I see you have the UCAs. I don't race mine, but I am always down to make the car better

I do! No feedback on the setup though as I just installed it all 2 weeks ago and it’s still deep into winter here in PA. Looking forward to the upcoming season.

Bunch of videos from last year here:

Amazing looking parts no matter what you get!

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So, I am wondering why this information would not be posted into the MPP thread on this product?

Vendor - NEW: MPP Model 3 Comfort Adjustable Coilovers RWD/AWD!

Open to information why this should not be moved into that thread (something other than "more visibility").
I didn't put this in that thread because it is more than just a review of the product and my thoughts on it, this is a review of the companies customer service as well as my build and installation of the product.
Yep nothing but good experiences and quality parts from MPP from me as well!

They even went above and beyond to make a batch of lightweight front rotors that fit stock diameter at my request so that I could buy a set.

They are actually pretty popular, more-so than we thought they would be! I appreciate your suggestion greatly :)
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Got everything installed last night. Haven't had a chance to get it on the road and test the drive differences yet.

Install was a breeze. Instructions on the @MountainPass website gives pretty clear instructions on how to do it. The only issue I had, and it wasn't even a big one, was the end link was difficult to get out on the drivers side. But that has nothign to do with the coilovers, but the suspension itself.

The quality of the parts is top notch. Which is to be expected from mountain pass and KW. I'm looking forward to getting some drive time today and I will report back any differences I feel or don't feel. Overall the car looks great and am super happy!
Glad we got another person who's willing to tear things apart. These cars are stupid easy to work on. Welcome aboard.

Also what size tires come on the new OEM 20" donks? I keep trying to find it but can't find a solid answer.
Yea I've been wrenching/racing cars my whole life, so there's no way I would pay someone to do something this easy.

235-35/20. Way too small lol
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