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Vendor MPP Development of Model S Plaid - All brake/suspension upgrades to date!

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Stupid question here, but any issues using the better brake fluid for strictly street driving?
That's not a stupid question!

The only downside to running racing brake fluid on the street is that you'll need to flush it more frequently than OEM fluid since it absorbs water at a higher rate. A really good brake fluid like Castrol SRF could go up to 2 years without flushing, but I would do it annually for something like Motul or Stoptech 660.
So an update - I’ve been driving around on a camber/ toe setting of -1.3/wee toe in (front) and -1.6/wee toe in (rear).total toe in in the front and rear is 0.06”. Car has driven quite well on the street.

But… I wanted to make it more “nimble” and not having me fight it on autocross days. Camber/toe Settings now are -2.2/zeroish toe (front) and -1.8/wee toe in (rear). Total toe out in the front is 0.01”.

I opted to not go more negative camber in the rear because the rear doesn’t feel loose on turns.
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