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Vendor MRR Design presents NES Forged Series! [GetYourWheels]

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MRR Design Wheels new NES Forged Wheels
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MRR Designs Wheel's new NES Forged wheel collection is here!
These new NES Forged monoblock wheels collects timeless designs with new contemporary styles.
Taking in consideration for the ultimate street and performance wheel, NES Forged wheels features aggressive, unique styles.
Each NES Forged set is built to your car's fitment needs and tested for road use.

Give us a call at (562)249-7184

All wheels from NES Forged are available from 18" to 22"
18" from 8.5 to 12" wide sizes
19" from 8.5 to 12" wide sizes
20" from 8.5 to 12" wide sizes
21" from 8.5 to 12" wide sizes
22" from 8.5 to 12" wide sizes

FG Series

MS Series

NC Series

SS Series

ZO Series

Wheels and Tires package
with TPMS and Lug nuts
Free shipping!!!
DM or EMAIL me: [email protected]
Each set takes about 6-8 weeks in production.
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What are the weight of the 19” and 20” wheels?

Wow, those FG-01 are fire. Are you offering any special pricing on these, or are the ones listed on your site the going rate right now?

And yes, what's the weight on these specific wheels? :)

Glad you guys like them, they have some killer designs!

These wheels are fully forged, so they made with the lightest and strongest aluminum available for wheels.
So far the 19" sets we've built so far have been in the low 20lb ranges. But every design will be different since they're custom built to order so no exact weights are available.

They're not running any sales on these right now, but their standard pricing already makes them one of the least expensive true forged wheels out there. But get in contact with me if you're interested in and I can see what I can do for forum members! ;)
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