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MS 75D still limited?

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I have an August 2017 build Model S so it is the faster 'uncorked' version.

It seems to be great off the line but when it gets to 40 mph or so you can start to feel the acceleration drop slightly (still 4.2ish to 60).

I am wondering if Tesla still limit the power output at all to 'protect the motors', or probably more to the point keep it slower than the 100D. If thats the case, with the new reports of the M3 doing 0-60 in 4.4secs I wonder is a speed improvement will be released at some point.
Of course they are limiting to protect components. With proper software overrides to the controller and inverter you can burn it down in no time. Heck, I bet you could even catch the battery on fire if you override the safety mechanisms there (I did it long time ago on a Lithium Ion powered RC helicopter - I won't be doing that again, and it was just a 2-cell battery).