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Muffler Speaker


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The CAN bus is available at the diagnostic connector in the passenger footwell, but the product you mention is designed for the Model S. The CAN messages are different in the Roadster, so you would need to be able to modify the firmware in the controller of that device (or get the manufacturer to do that work given details about the Roadster CAN bus messages).
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Please tell me how to connect muffler speaker wiring to roadster CAN bus line

Muffler Speaker ↓


The CAN bus messages in the roadster are different than the Model S. The manufacturer would either need to modify their product to support roadster CAN bus message format, or you would need to build and write code for a convertor box to modify the signals to match.

The publicly available info on roadster CAN bus messages (instrumentation bus) is here:

However, that product may be better of listening on the CAN bus the motor is on, as that may include more power related information. There isn't anything publicly released on that though.
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