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Multiple Errors (third time) Model S LR

I wouldn't say that I have the same issue as you, but there is a similarity in the Automatic Vehicle hold disabled message. I took my new Model s LR in for a service appointment on 10/11, because there were some software issues immediately following delivery, such as parking assist sensors damaged or improperly installed, the manuals were blank, etc. After being in the service center for over a week, I was told that the issues were resolved, but a new one had arisen, Automatic Vehicle hold was malfunctioning. The service center basically said that means there is not parking brake for the car. They've had the car for just about two weeks and have told me that it is unsafe to drive, so that they will have to keep it until the issue is resolved. They did say the issue has been replicated by corporate engineering, and they are still working on a fix. I wonder if the issues could be related.

How can Tesla make issues like this right for their customers?
Any update? Mine did this week today. The error went away but am curious if it’s a sign of something about to go out. DI_a246
I just had this happen today as well =\
It's a 2021 Model S Plaid that's running v11.0 (2022.4 fae2af490933)

TAS2_a313 Adaptive ride control degraded
DI_a222 Stability control disabled
UI_a020 Steering assist reduced
DI_a039 Regenerative braking disabled
DI_a22d Traction control disabled

Awaiting a "troubleshooting" callback and if that doesn't work, will need to tow to service. I'll update this post on any progress.
I picked my car up from service yesterday after having the heat pump replaced. Mind you this is a model three and I know I am in a model S sub forum but I drove home from the service center parked my car overnight came out the next morning to drive it and woke up to all of the same error messages mentioned in this thread. Waiting on a tow truck currently.
Also, this thread may be useful for other 2021+ refresh Model S (Plaid or not) owners:

Reddit Thread Notes:
There were a few warnings before it finally failed, but they are generic, as shown in the third photo. The previous times it happened, the errors cleared themselves rather quickly. I assumed it was just a software bug right up until the complete failure I experienced.
If you have a 2021+ refresh Model S (Plaid or not), you should consider looking for this issue. To check your car for this issue, raise the suspension to the maximum setting (Very High) and use a camera to take a photo looking directly down. You will very easily be able to see if the wiring is making contact with the inside edge of your tire, as pictured in the second photo.
It would be quite easy to use a zip tie to hold the wire out of the way until it can be replaced by Tesla. If you do so, it is at your own risk, and I cannot promise this will not cause an issue, but it is what I would do if I'd known about this issue before the complete failure.
When this fails, it makes the car dangerous to drive. The suspension doesn't simply revert to basic suspension, it becomes floaty and dangerous and disconnected. They limit the top speed to 90mph, but should probably limit it to less than 60mph. When the car goes over bumps, it can see-saw and weight transfer is all over the place. Undrivable is not an exaggeration.
Yesterday, I went to a Tesla Service center and requested that they document the problem and allow me to fix it myself, temporarily. They denied my request and also denied my request that they temporarily fix it,

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This seems to be an issue with a number of refreshed Model S cars. Hopefully Tesla can figure out what the issue is and get it resolved sooner than later.
Sounds like I had the same or similar problem just before Thanksgiving break On a new Model S refresh I took delivery of in September 2021. Car essentially not drivable, had it towed to service center. Service was clueless as to what was causing the problem. After weeks in the shop, replaced wiring harness and a front body control module to repair. Apparently cars in same VIN series were reporting similar issues - think I saw a post to that effect somewhere.
I just had this happen today as well =\
It's a 2021 Model S Plaid that's running v11.0 (2022.4 fae2af490933)

TAS2_a313 Adaptive ride control degraded
DI_a222 Stability control disabled
UI_a020 Steering assist reduced
DI_a039 Regenerative braking disabled
DI_a22d Traction control disabled

Awaiting a "troubleshooting" callback and if that doesn't work, will need to tow to service. I'll update this post on any progress.
I just had the same on my 2021 MS plaid today also. Any updates from SC?
Actuator Pump is in which I believe replaced the abs module as they bled my brakes as well..somehow its connected to the inital startup when you touch the brake.. So far the error screen issue has not returned.. If it does I will let you all know

Turns out the updated brake actuator that triggers the "Car Start" on when you hit the brake pedal, didnt fix it...I still bricked it..lol
I havent had the issue since because I made a simple change.. I always get in the car fully first before hitting the brake pedal to turn the car on. This gives the initial computer a moment to load when you open the door.. The issue happens when you push the brake pedal as you get in the car as its still "waking up" when you open the door.. Those cause a glitch that bricks it.. If you just always give it a few moments before touching the brake pedal, the issue wont ever happen again..

I actually bricked it at the service dealer itself.. they pulled it in and ran all the diagnostics, tried to reset it, checked with the online service bulletins and they were clueless how to resolve it.. I ended up leaving it there for 30 min to go into a "Deep Sleep" before going back to it and everything reset and went back to normal..

Ive had 0 issues since then just giving the car a few moments to load before touching the brake..
So I just had this issue pop up on my new Model X LR 2022 that I took delivery on Feb 19th. My wife was driving it home a short distance and 4 errors popped up

Is the problem touching the brake too soon? Or a wiring issue? I don't think I got a clear idea of what the issue is.
Just now saw this thread, after I posted to a different one. All similar things.... but not all from the same person writing in this thread.

I have a 2020 MSLR. In Sept. of this year, I had taken it to the SC for the car/steering wheel vibrating when accelerating at a fast speed. They replaced the front LH & RH Halfshaft - Front Drive Units (not sure if any of this is related to my info. below, but thought I would share it.
In November I received all of these error messages while driving home in rush hour traffic. The car jolted a few times and then I got all the messages. The car was still driveable, however, it was weird since I had zero resistance when letting off the accelerator. ABS, Automatic Emergency Braking, Stability Control, Traction Control & Adaptive Ride Control - all disabled. Regenerative breaking temporarily reduced (pretty much not happening!), Park Assist, Vehicle hold, Lane Departure Avoidance unavailable. Immediately drove to SC. They made an appt. for me the next day and gave me a loaner. Took the car in at 3:30 pm on 11/18 and received a message at 11:11 pm that same night that it was ready. They replaced the rear RH Wheel speed sensor & verified proper operation. They also did a 4 wheel alignment (saying that this was part of my issue), which I paid for. They performed the alignment and made minor adjustments to the toe & verified proper operation. I also had them look at my steering wheel as it had been making a loud vibration noise when telescoping out. They lubed the steering column gear & verified proper operation. I picked up my car the next day, 11/19 (10 pm), and the minute I put my foot on the break I get the same error message. Message the SC in the app. It's now the weekend. They got back to me and made me an appt. for 11/23. Dropped the car off on 11/23, gave me a loaner. 11/24 they tell me that replaced the rear RH wheel hub due to metallic build-up. Still getting error messages. Found a water leak up front under the right front fender/cowl area and a wiring harness was corroded. Repaired wiring harness and the water leak, dried vehicle. Performed multiple water tests to ensure water is no longer leaking inside. Performed validation test drive & remote diagnostics, fixed. Replaced the steering column, performed validation test drive, and verified proper operation. 11/30/21 picked up the car and all appears fine. The steering wheel is fixed, with no alerts. 12/7 while driving home, alerts all come back. Made an appt. in the app with the next avail. appt on 12/24. 12/8 I drove to the SC to talk to a person. She had helped me before. She got me an appt and gave me a loaner on the spot. Hoping that this time they can fix it.

I know that's a lot, but I feel that it's all related. I'm so bummed out about all of this. I love my Tesla, but this seems to be a lot for such an expensive car.

Multiple alert messages on the screen
I have same errors.. my new MYLR was delivered on March 14.. March 16th the errors came..gave it to serivce center on MArch 24.. they asked me to pick on March 28th..as soon i use the brake errors appeared again.. and the car is not still in service till then.. totally bummed with this happening with a new car..
I got my LR delivered on July 27th after getting delayed numerous times. Even after confirming my delivery date with the service center, they messaged me back canceling the appointment because they wanted to do an additional quality concern inspection. l think that was my clue to cancel my order but they assured me nothing was wrong with the car. After 7 days, my car had multiple errors and after calling the roadside assistance they said it was unsafe to drive the car and had it towed to the service center. It took them 8 days to fix the issues and said it was a faulty wire. After another 7-8 days it happened again and had to tow to the service center again. This time they took nearly 2 weeks to find and fix the problem, and this time they said paint on the wire caused the problem. I spoke with the service manager as I was very concerned about the reliability of this car. I didn't want to spend money on window tints and ceramic coating if the same problem persists. He assured me they had fixed the problem. Now today it's the 3rd time, same errors came again and it was deemed unsafe to drive by roadside assistance. They are towing it back today but I am really frustrated at this point as to what I should do now. I have already done ceramic coating on the car and I don't think they will reimburse me if they buy back the vehicle.

I am really trying to figure out if I should lemon (GA) this car or let them fix it the third time? has anyone had the same issues with their teslas? If so, can someone provide me guidance on how to proceed with the next steps?


DI_a246: Automatic Vehicle hold disabled
DI_a223: Traction Control disabled
DI_a222: Stability control disabled
DI_a039: Regenerative braking disabled
TAS2_a313: Adaptive ride control degraded
UI_a020: Steering assist reduced
Got similar errors on my MS 2013, up to to the point that the car had to sit idle for a month last winter as in addition to the known ones on traction control, stability, steering reduced, abs, regenerative mode disabled and parking brake faulty, the steering column and IC lost power so I could not even engage the drive. When it got warmer the car woke up and fault codes disappeared:) And none came back until yesterday. I noticed that when I kick the plastic cover in the driver's footwell, the one to the left, next to the LH door, fault codes sometimes disappear. They also disappeared when I exited the car and the re-entered. Removed the cover, there are 2 large connectors there. And when I touched the upper one or its wires the fault codes started to show up. Disconnected the connector, de-greased all the pins and contacts with a solvent, connected and re-connected it a few times and all fault codes are gone. Did a test drive, no faults. Hope that was the reason, will post again in case of further developments.
I have a 21 MYP with 14k miles and had these same errors appear 4/19 while running an errand. I'm here in LA so weather has been in the 70's. Car was almost useless to drive for the 2 days before leaving town. May 11 was also the earliest time slot Tesla service could actually see me. The day the issue showed up, I hard rebooted the car 3x and soft reset twice. I also visually checked all wheels without jacking the car up and couldn't see any problems. Got back yesterday, drove 20 miles and parked for 10 minutes. When I got back in to drive, poof all errors are now gone. Pretty certain this will happen again so we'll see what the service department comes up with when I take her in on the 11th.

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