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Multiple Individual Questions | First Road Trip | NYC to Albany, NY

I'm posting several separate questions so I don't wear anyone out - I went on my first road trip and ran into lots of issues - if anyone feels like commenting it will be welcomed!

On the New York Thruway, I stopped to assess the EV Chargers, since I'd never seen any. One was 'combined' and the other one "CHAdeMO". Should I purchase an adapter so I'll have more charging options?

Have you been to a Tesla Supercharger yet? That's the fast charging station that you'll probably try to visit when you need a fast charge.

That said you can buy a CHAdeMO adapter from Tesla but as mentioned in another thread of yours it runs $450. So most people will use other charging methods if they have them available. There are many on TMC that do use CHAdeMO adapters in their travels so sure they will see your post and be able to answer your questions on it.

Has anyone mentioned getting a ChargePoint card? ChargePoint has their own charging network. Believe the card is free (but check on that) and it allows you to use their chargers with your J-1772 adapter that came with your mobile charging kit that came with your car. Not sure how their pricing works. This video should help you know what to expect using the J-1772 and ChargePoint. Don't forget to remove your adapter when done! BTW this video is from 2012 and the Tesla screen interface has changed from when it was filmed but think you will get it.

Here's a video of a Tesla owner using the CHAdeMO adapter on a DC Fast ChargePoint charge station.

Be aware that not all ChargePoint chargers will work with Tesla. There's another called CCS. If you sign up with PlugShare, believe it was recommended to you in another thread, it will tell you what kind of plug end the stations have. Make sure you drive to one you can use. Plugshare will also sometimes have photos taken by users along with their comments and rating of their experience there which can be helpful.
A CHAdeMO adapter is available for Tesla cars, though it's not a cheap accessory. I got one and have used it on occasion, but it's by no means a required accessory when you've got the Supercharger network at your disposal.

That said, if you're frequently driving into an area where you'll have to charge and are out of the Supercharger network's range but near a CHAdeMO station, then it could be useful.