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Music--How can I prevent duplicate Categories for a single Artist?

I have used my Apple Laptop to download a number of Albums from www.hdtracks.com to a FAT32 formatted flash drive which I am then able to insert in a USB port on my 2017 Tesla Model 3 and play music. The individual songs from each Album get put into a separate Folders on the flash drive and the amazing Tesla software categorizes them by Artist, Album, etc. The problem occurs when I have downloaded two albums from the same Artist. Each of the two albums is in a separate folder on the USB drive. Then when they are displayed on the screen by Artist, I end up with duplicates. For example, when I click on Categories, I see two categories for Frank Sinatra (Okay, I'm 77 years old). How can I organize files on the flash drive so all music from this Artist will be in one category but still segregated by Album?