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Music System Keeps Pushing Me to Spotify "Radio" Options

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I usually prefer to choose my own music - rather than letting an algorithm predict what I will like. When I'm using Spotify on my phone or laptop, if I search for an artist, I have the options of playing entire albums by that artist, or their "top tracks". If I search for a song title, I have the option of playing just that song. But when I do the same thing in my Model 3, all I can ever seem to do is bring up a "radio station" based on whatever artist or song I searched for. For example, if I search for "Who's Next" (an album by The Who for those who are much younger than me), the album comes up in the search results, but the system won't let me just play the album. Instead, no matter what I select, I get pushed into "Who's Next Radio," which gives me an occasional song from that album, interspersed with lots of songs by other artists that I don't want to hear. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a setting I can change that will make my Tesla Spotify UI act like it does on my phone and laptop? Thanks.
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Indeed, it kind of defeats the value of streaming.

You can tap the Any Music search icon on the audio screen, then type or use voice input. At least you'll get search result choices rather than one random item. But even when you pick Who's Next under "Albums", it plays one song then goes astray.

I tried "Who's Next full album" (or "Tom Petty hits") but no luck in Streaming. (I didn't try Spotify or Tidal since I don't have accounts.) One time it switched to Bluetooth streaming from my phone and skipped to the *Next* track (!) there while the display remained "Streaming"!

I'd love to use my YouTube Music subscription in the car. That can play albums and artist playlists.
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Sorry to bring up an old thread but it matched closest to what I was trying to do;

You used to be able to search for an artist and play all songs by that artist now there doesn’t seem to be an option for that unless I am missing it?

I know you can search and press view all songs but as soon as you click on one of them it plays the selected song then switches to artist radio which is a bit pointless.

Closest thing I can find is to play the “popular songs” on the artist page but this doesn’t let you select the songs and only plays some of them.