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May 19, 2017
Elon Musk has shared an image of the suits to be worn by NASA astronauts that will travel on SpaceX equipment to the International Space Station. “First picture of SpaceX spacesuit,” Musk wrote on Instagram. “More in days to follow. Worth noting that this actually works (not a mockup). Already tested to double vacuum pressure....
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Jan 31, 2012
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Details on the SpaceX space suit from Astronaut Soichi Noguchi.

[English translation using DeepL, script by u/pyonpyonhopper from r/SpaceX at Reddit]
00:00 Yes, hello, everyone. I'm Astronaut Soichi Noguchi.
00:13 I'm sure many of you have been waiting for this episode.
00:17 SpaceX's space suit! I'd like to introduce it to you.
00:21 I haven't worn it for five months, but for the first time in five months, I brought the SpaceX space suit to the ISS side. I haven't worn it for five months, but for the first time in five months... I mean, for the first time, I brought a SpaceX space suit to the ISS side, and I would like to introduce it to you now.
00:42 Actually, the SpaceX space suit looks like this. This is the bag that the suit is in, and it has my name on it. It's written in Kanji. Thank you very much! It says "Soichi Noguchi" here...
01:03 I have all my suits in here. However, the SpaceX suit is a one-piece construction (one piece), after all... I'm introducing it to you.
01:16 It's real! It's real! Everyone!
01:22 It's coming out... What do you think? Isn't it nice? ...I can't help but be proud of it.
01:39 Here it is. The gloves are integrated, and the helmet is also integrated. The helmet is made of polycarbonate, like a motorcycle helmet, and is said to have been designed using a 3D printer.
02:10 And the boots are also made of one piece, like this. The slider on the heel clips onto the seat of the spacecraft. There's also a JAXA logo on the chest.
02:34 How to put this on, you see, the only entrance is between the legs. This is where you enter. This is where all communication with the spacecraft is done. When you remove the lid, you'll see the connector here.
03:07 So you go in through here, take your head out through here, and what about your hands?
03:18 And the gloves can be put on later.
03:25 The openings in this space suit are the face, the wrist, and the groin.
03:34 It is the innermost layer that prevents air leakage. This is the zipper (closed with a red string) to close it. The outer layer is Teflon-coated to make it slippery when you get into the seat of a spaceship. The inner layer (the gray part of the neck) is made of fibers to increase the strength. This is the three-layer structure.
04:14 The innermost airtight layer has a red zipper that can be closed up to the white marker at the very end to guarantee that there will be no airtight leaks.
04:45 We put on our space suits and do a final leak check, making sure the zippers are in three places, between each hand and crotch. Then I close the helmet.
05:08 See how the back is flat? This is where the impact of water landing will be felt, so it is important that this part is smooth. It's very smooth.
05:35 One thing I should mention about this helmet is that it comes with earphones that are separate from the helmet. It is attached separately. The microphones are on the inside, and the earphones and the microphones are connected to the spacecraft via connectors.
06:08 In addition, the cooling system for the spacesuit also comes in here.
06:15 This is the air for circulation.
06:18 The small one on this side is for adding slightly higher pressure air in case of emergencies, and it's called Nitrox.
06:29 This side is for circulation. This side is for air supply (or intake?). This side is for air supply (or intake?).
06:31 The metal chips here are supposed to interact in various ways.
On the screen, it is written as "Cooling air / Emergency oxygen / Electrical connector".
06:45 How was it? In the first half, I introduced the space suit itself. In the second half, I would like to show you how to actually put on this space suit. See you soon.
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