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MX Smart Summon worse than other models?

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I personally find Smart Summon pretty pointless on it's own merit, but definitely see it as an incremental step towards FSD.

That said, the feature works WAY better on my older Model S than it does on my new Model X. Has anyone else experienced this? Maybe its the camera/radar height/angle or something?
I have not had the greatest success in testing this on my July 2018 MX. I get out of my work late and most of the time the parking lot is pretty empty. The first few times I tried this, the appropriate behavior was to back up, turn, and then drive straight down the row to pick me up. Instead, it drove forward into the parking bumper and tried to drive over it and into a drainage ditch. I stopped it just in time. I think this was software 2019.32.12.1

In another test, it did back up and then drove down the row.. and nearly hit a car in the way, on the wrong side of the lane of parking spaces. I stopped it in the nick of time and walked the rest of the way to the car.

A few nights ago it successfully backed up and drove towards me and picked me up. This was 2019.32.12.2

Tonight the car tried to back up, panicked, and shut down and refused to budge. There is no traffic around. I had to nudge it out of the parking space on reverse summon, let it rest a minute, and the restart the enhanced summon and it drove towards me and stopped where it was supposed to.

Not quite ready for prime time. I hope the car is talking to the engineers and they are trying to figure out what it is doing.
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gas station scene ...First time I tried Smart summon it drove directly into the gas pump guard ,(before I could react ) ...
$850 dollars and I have not touched it since ...Needs work ...

Wow you have a lot of trust in Smart Summon to try it first time at a gas station! The first time I tried it was at an empty parking lot with a direct path to my location with no obstacle in the way.
I agree the auto summons works better on our Model 3 than our Model X.

I also theorize it has to do with the height difference of sensors between the two. I tell people the auto summons is a flaky free feature they are still working on improving at the moment.

We still use it but ONLY in circumstances where there is opportunity to recover from complete failure :)
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