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My 12v Battery Replacement - 12/14 Build API - Ranger Service

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Hi, I just wanted to post a "my experience" for the 12 volt battery replacement in my AP1 2014 (Dec build) Model S 85 RWD. I post this, because these are the types of posts that I like to see with details and specifics.

I've been owner the car (and love it BTW) for just about 2 years now. My wife freaked out when the car "turned off" (my guess is rebooted itself) while she was backing up out of the driveway. It sounded like it came back "on" very quickly but was (as it would've me) been enough to be a concerning event. While I'm sure it was just a weird "glitch" from our complex computerized cars, it was enough for me to realize that I hadn't replaced the 12 volt battery in my 2 years and had no proof of when it was replaced by an earlier owner.

Note that I did NOT get any sort of errors or warnings that I could find indicating a potential problem with the 12 volt system, but since the car doesn't have any sort of indication of the battery capacity left, I felt more comfortable having a new one.

I submitted the request on 1/11 and later choose the earliest appt available at 1/21 (Sat). The original estimate was a surprisingly low $101 estimate. A day before the service, it got adjusted to a more expected $202 + tax estimate. The technician arrived on time and took a solid HOUR (maybe 90 minutes) to complete the service.

Note that if you've been like me and read threads from newer Teslas, they are often considered a "4 minute job". This one was not and looked to be an absolute PITA with the battery looking to be around the firewall on the passenger side.

The replacement battery:
BATTERY, 12V, DCS33- UNCR, MS --PRE- REFRESH(1083774-00-B)

The breakdown in cost: Part: $165, Labor: $37

Both of those numbers are very reasonable. A "quality" battery at Walmart sets you back $120 easily and dealerships can charge way more. $37 in labor is an absolute STEAL considering the effort required to get it done and keep in mind my car is 100% out of warranty. Considering also my nearest SC is 104 miles away and I'm a happy man.
The 12v battery in my previous car, a Chevy Volt, failed without warning while I was out to lunch during my work week.
Several months ago a warning message popped up about the 12v battery in my 2013 MS P85+ that I had owned for a year and half. I generally work on my own vehicles and was not happy to find that I couldn’t simply go to Tesla, give them money and get handed a battery. The only option they offered was take it in or call roadside service and it took a full day to get that response (via email) after calling and leaving VM at the three closest Tesla dealers here in Southern CA.
Fortunately I was able to find a solution online and ordered a battery- it was over $400 but supposedly better than what Tesla offers- and replaced it at my convenience. Not the easiest battery I’ve ever replaced but the battery mfg video was very helpful.