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My 20-day-old Model 3 got rear-ended today...

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I nearly whammed into a car the other day when I was driving off autopilot. Stop and go driving can be very tiring and difficult to remain focused in. Good thing the brakes worked so well. I'm sold on the anti-lock thing. I can't lock up the brakes if I want to. That's so much better than the older systems that would let the brakes lock up then pulse them to let the wheel move a bit, then lock up again. This system may do the same thing, but with a much lighter touch which means the brakes are very close to optimum at all times.
I just got rear ended sitting at a stop sign on my way home from work today. Thankfully no visible damage but I'm not sure how to proceed now as far as having it looked at to make sure there isn't any damage. Ugh. What a pain. Car isn't even a month old yet.