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MY 3rd Party Hitch - UHaul/Horizon - Anybody have this?

I installed a U-Haul for my Model 3 last fall 2020. It was surprising not expensive. They didn't even charge me tax or shipping to QC. It was $199.95. This tip may help you as it was a learning experience for me installing it. Remove Tesla aluminum crash bar/plate and install the tow hitch to it off the car then install the two already joined together to the car as one piece. If you follow the instructions as written you will have an issue mounting the crash bar after the hitch is installed on the car. The bolts would not align from the hitch into the crash bar mounting holes. A REAL pain on the as#. They go out of alignment when the hitch is mounted and torqued first onto the car. Joining them together before mounting to car solved the issue. For wiring harness I bought an expensive but worth the saving of cutting crap into my OEM wiring. TRAILER DIGITAL WIRING HARNESS FOR TESLA MODEL 3 (TM3-TDW03-US). I also bought a 4" hitch mounting lift kit so my e-bike mount was higher off the ground and cleared further away from bumper. Meyer FHK45054 Receiver Hitch Extension with 4" Drop/Rise, Black
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