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My Five-Year Model S Service History

2013 – Model S P85 - delivered in March
  • HPWC (Tesla Wall Charger) in my home garage failed
    • ranger came and replaced the HPWC fuses
  • Pano roof chewed up its rails and would no longer open
    • Service replaced the Pano roof
  • Replacement Pano roof had wind noise over 70mph
    • Repaired
  • Car swaying from side to side while driving / accelerating
    • Checked suspension components and hardware, found rear upper toe link bolts at steering knuckle are not torqued to specifications. Torqued rear toe link bolts to specifications
  • Car wore out a set of tires after 12,000 miles
    • installed Front Lower Control Arm Washers and performed wheel alignment
    • Tesla said that was “normal” - bought new tires
  • Water in tail light
    • replaced tail light assembly
  • Charge port ring showing multi colors
    • replaced charge port (it’s doing it again for the last three years, but I now like the colors)
    • service proactively replaced the 12-volt battery
  • 9 months later I got another “12V Battery Needs Service Alert”
    • replaced the 12V Battery again
  • Right rear door handle wouldn’t open
    • replaced the door handle
  • Left rear door handle opened randomly
    • replaced all door handles with Gen 2 handles
    • intelligent battery sensor was corroded – service replaced it
  • Drivetrain "squealing"
    • replaced the drive train
    • upgraded the Side Motor Mount

    • replaced rear upper control arms with an updated revision
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor alert was on all the time
    • replaced two wheel sensors and added an external antenna
  • Drivers window fell down and wouldn’t close
    • repaired the window
  • ·Vanity mirror cover broke off, drivers’ side
    • repaired
  • Came back from a 3-week vacation (with car plugged in and charging) to find a “12V Battery needs Service” warning
    • replaced the 12V battery - my 3rd
    • Service noticed I needed new tires, so I bought new tires - my 2nd set
    • When they tried to align the wheels they found that the areas for both camber control arm adjustments cams are grooved in to the subframe. They replaced the front subframe assembly.
  • Got the car back from service and it made a creaking sound coming from the left front.
    • Brought it back in and they found that the left side bracket to front sway bar was loose. They tightened the bolt and torqued all the other suspension bolts
  • HPWC (Tesla Wall Charger) at my office failed
    • bought a new one. (Should have tried buying just a new cable but couldn’t figure out how to order just the cable.)
  • 62,000 miles
  • Large center display (the MCU) began to delaminate down the sides, bubbles began to form and leaking goo from the bottom.
    • Replaced MCU (thank goodness for buying the extended warranty)
    • Replaced the front passenger airbag for recall
  • Got the Red Ring of Death when trying to charge – car won’t charge
    • Onboard Master charger failed, replaced (another reason for the extended warranty)
Five-year service cost - $725 annual service + two sets of tires.
the extended service warranty has paid for itself

Five-year operating cost – $0 – I have solar powering my house

Still love the car. Will get another Model S when they do a refresh.
Have a AWD Model 3 on order.