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my 85D delivery and first impressions

Discussion in 'Model S: Ordering, Production, Delivery' started by spc, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. spc

    spc Member

    Jan 28, 2015
    Edinburg, TX
    #1 spc, Apr 26, 2015
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2015
    hello everyone,

    April 25th, Up very early to go from Edinburg to San Antonio pickup my daughter and head out to Austin to take delivery of my 85D in the afternoon,

    My DS was waiting for me, the machine was inside the delivery building and it look so gorgeous I had to stand there a minute to soak it in a bit in disbelief that indeed the wait was over.
    Now the fun can begin. As I expected, to say the least this automobile is a dream.

    I looked it over and around several times and checked everything in the list I had prepared, not a scratch, not a single dent or even a smear or fingerprint. All trims lined up perfect, the handles and doors open and closed properly, everything I remember to look at was as expected.
    Then we all (wife, daughter and myself) sat in the car and Magz (the DS) patiently explained all the many things on the display and how to work the critical components to pilot this wonder of technology in preparation for our first ride. She also talked about the car overall, the trunk, the charging cable and the connectors, how to properly close the frunk and answered all our questions on the spot.

    The next step 1st ride. WOW.... we drove to the nearest interstate and by this time I was already a bit overwhelmed with all the new information and the excitement of it all, the display and the performance of this techno machine that I was not paying much attention or looking for things out of place as I should have.

    Next the paperwork. Singed on the dotted line a few times and I was ready to head out om my first trip with a planned stop at supercharger on the way and a bite to eat. The wife decided to keep our daughter company on the way back. I set the destination to the supercharger and started the trip, and not too long into the trip the nav instructed to take a detour off the main road for a scenic tour of some back-roads to pop back in the main highway some 20 minutes later, my first traffic jam avoidance success.

    Arrived at the SC, plugged it in to see the display indicating 55 minutes to completion. As we waited for the food I tried to play with the Android app on my phone to see if we could follow the charging but it just refused to find the car. Well... will try it again later. Back to the car to find the display showing 5 minutes to go, I did not wait, unplugged it and on the road again to my daughter's house as planned for the weekend, and in a few days we will top off the tank, oops I mean the batteries to head home some 245 miles away.

    Now, not as overwhelmed with all the delivery events a bit of reality....I need to get all my stuff from the ICE into the dream machine. I put it all in a box and....
    Umbrellas and small flash light goes on the pocket on the doors...OOOPPPSSS ouch!!! there are no pockets on the doors just a bulge outwards on the doors panel :( :( I guess we can put them in the center, just as easy to reach.
    The packet of gum, the chapsticks, spare house keys and some coins, well that goes into the center console right? but yet to find how to open the lid under, behind or around the cup holders, it looks like there is some space there for a place to hide things.... :( :(well lets put it with the umbrellas and the flash light, it is just as easy to get to them too.
    Oh! now the sun glasses, the phone chargers, the small Swiss army knife, the business cards, I can put them in the space under the display, hummm... a bit crowded there already with the phones and my wallet so how about in the space with the umbrellas, just as easy to get to.
    Next is the small portable hard disk with all the tunes, and that goes..... needless to say where as the USB plug and the 12 plug for the chargers are conveniently placed below the cup holder so one more item too keep company with the umbrellas.
    Of course the rest of it like the insurance card, documentation for the car and manuals into the glove compartment as we don't use it that often.

    Now... wow!!... gee looks like someone forgot to close the junk drawer, we drive this wonder and everyone looks, we will get used to it eventually, we park the car and people will stick their heard in the window to peak inside... guess what they see???

    Lets not be too picky here, the designer are real busy debugging software to be concerned with how the final user will hide they junk, in the mean time lets get a floor mat and cover the ugly sight every time we park the car on a public place, at least it wont disappoint a potential future buyer right from the start.

    Now a funny event from the first time the wife and I visited the store in Austin, she noted as one of the specialists was showing off the car to us she asked, where is the spare tire?, and a voice in the back said "People that buy this car do not change tires", we both looked at each other and could not contain a laugh as we both pictured ourselves sitting on the side of the road with a flat waiting for someone to come to change a tire, mind you where we live we could wait 3 or 4 hours for one to come, it somewhat became a small joke around the house from time to time we say to each other " we don"t change tires " but we will sure get some sort of spare in the trunk or frunk... we can afford a Tesla but we will change a tire....:smile::cool:

  2. Ames

    Ames Member

    May 27, 2013
    Abu Dhabi, UAE
    Congratulations on the new wheels! Why not put your junk in the frunk?
  3. Sgutz

    Sgutz Member

    Mar 28, 2015
    You raised my one concern about my pending delivery. The car has very little storage space inside. I don't generally carry much "junk" or even a drink in my car, but it is hard to believe that there isn't a console option available as a small/no-cost option in the model S. In the end I plan to add one myself from either Tesla if they can get around to sourcing one or from Evannex.

    Interestingly all of the test cars that were available when I took one for a drive had the Tesla console installed - presumably to divert attention from this missing detail.

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